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ServiceNow expertise is tremendously valuable and in demand. As organizations scale and utilize ServiceNow in more ways than ever before, getting Micro-Certifications in specialized areas can help you validate and gain confidence in your unique set of skills.

We have a variety of choices for Micro-Certifications available:

Assessment Simulator Micro-Certification

Assessment simulators allow the test taker to show their knowledge by reading a scenario, doing the work to meet a set of requirements based on the scenario, and verifying their work is done correctly

As we continue to grow this offereing, we will have a variety of choices for Assessment Simulator Micro-Certification available:

For more information on each certification, please select the certification name to download the exam blueprint.

ServiceNow Micro-Certification exams are computer based, multiple choice or multiple select exams delivered through Now Learning, in a non-proctored environment.

ServiceNow Assessment Simulator Micro-Certification exams are computer based simulators delivered through Now Learninig, in a non-proctored environment.

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Exam Registration and Scheduling

Because micro-certifications are non-proctored exams, you can take them at any time.

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