Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Fundamentals

Implement a Compliance program that includes Risk Management and Audit Engagement


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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is a company's strategy for managing corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and demonstrating corporate compliance. ServiceNow GRC is a suite of applications within the ServiceNow platform to provide timely, comprehensive, and continuous information for auditing, reporting, and compliance purposes. By using the GRC applications (Policy and Compliance, Risk, and Audit) GRC professionals create a scalable compliance program based on their organization's needs to meet internal and regulatory requirements.

Who Should Attend

The audience for this class includes Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, and other GRC professionals who want to understand how to integrate their Compliance programs into the ServiceNow platform. The course starts with an overview of the ServiceNow system. ServiceNow System Administrators will also benefit by learning about the system properties used by the GRC applications.

Upon Completion You Will Be Able To

This two day, hands on course demonstrates how GRC is implemented within the ServiceNow platform and how to use the GRC applications.

Practice is provided to accomplish the following:

  • Create user groups and apply security roles to provide access or implement restrictions
  • Define a risk framework
  • Incorporate company policies into the ServiceNow platform
  • Import UCF Authority Documents
  • Scope an organization for risk management and to apply policies
  • Use the policy management process to draft, review, approve, publish, and retire policies
  • Create controls and review controls in the attest state
  • Use the control management process throughout the control lifecycle
  • Define and apply Indicators
  • Create a test template
  • Manage an audit engagement
  • Review data on the GRC reporting dashboards

These objectives are achieved through a combination of Instructor-led discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises using student instances.


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