ServiceNow Platform Implementation

Platform knowledge on your way to becoming an Implementation Specialist


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The ServiceNow Platform Implementation course enables attendees to successfully implement ServiceNow to meet customer business requirements.

This course covers common technical aspects of an implementation as well as processes to effectively manage an implementation. This mix allows attendees to learn tactical skills and responsibilities required based on their role as well as develop a holistic view of all team roles and responsibilities

Who Should Attend

The audience for this course is Services Partner Implementation Specialists or anyone who wants to follow a path to becoming an Implementation Specialist for an Authorized Services Partner.

Upon Completion You Will Be Able To

Using hands-on labs, group exercises, lectures, and simulations, students build on existing knowledge and skills by applying implementation best practices, covering:

  • ServiceNow Implementation Methodology (SIM) and related engagement management processes
  • Core system setup, including configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Supported authentication options
  • Integrations, including LDAP, Single Sign-on, Web Services, and REST
  • Instance Management best practices
  • Performance and coding best practices
  • Working in teams with development and production instances, students will experience:
  • Hands-on implementation based on functional requirements
  • End-to-end sprint cycles, including planning, execution, and review
  • Go live preparation
  • Deployment of code to a production instance

NOTE: The SIM/SAIF and all related materials can only be used by ServiceNow employees or Partners that are working on a ServiceNow-led implementation. It cannot be used on Partner-led implementations at this time.


  • Recommended: ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • Familiarity with the ServiceNow 
  • Adaptive Implementation
  • Framework (SAIF), a SIM technology.
  • JavaScript Primer

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