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It can be a struggle for companies to automate processes because data can live in multiple silos, both inside and outside of the company. ServiceNow Orchestration provides companies with a way to create automated processes across internal and external systems. This automation work saves time, removes repetitive tasks, and reduces human error. ServiceNow Orchestration Fundamentals is a 2-day course designed for technical individuals who are familiar with ServiceNow Platform. This course will show attendees how to use ServiceNow Orchestration to administer operating systems, communicate with web services, automate common directory services tasks e.g. Password reset, and enhance desktop deployment tools like Microsoft SCCM.

The goal of this training is to provide ServiceNow administrators with the knowledge and understanding they need to effectively manage workflows and extend ServiceNow workflow capabilities to interact with external systems through Orchestration. At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Build, launch, and validate workflows in ServiceNow
  • Identify and understand Orchestration components and basic architecture
  • Build simple Orchestration Workflows using SSH, PowerShell, and SOAP Messages
  • Manage Active Directory through Orchestration Workflows
  • Execute Orchestration Workflows for VMWare provisioning and decommissioning


This course is designed for IT Operations Managers, ServiceNow administrators, and consultants who need to implement, configure, and administer ServiceNow Orchestration.


  • Completion (or equivalent) of the ServiceNow System Administration course
  • Experienced skills on the ServiceNow platform
  • Intermediate Windows and Unix administration skills
  • Acquaintance with various IT infrastructure technologies (web servers, application servers, load balancers, databases, and virtualization technologies)
  • Scripting capabilities (SSH and Windows Commands)
  • Understanding of protocols such as HTTP, TCP, SNMP, SOAP, REST
  • Understanding of concepts such as XML, Regex, Delimited text, and JSON

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