Measure Costs in a Single System Based on Actual Usage

Capturing IT costs on spreadsheets or homegrown applications makes it difficult to tell how much you are spending delivering services to the business.

Combine Financial Management, IT Service Management, and Demand Management to get a clear picture of how your resources are being utilized. Rather than gathering data from various systems and piecing together usage, you can click a button and get accurate cost data, including traditionally hidden costs like server usage and network fees. You'll not only reduce errors and improve cost reporting accuracy, but also free up staff time to work on tasks that provide value to the business. 

  • ServiceNow Efficiency Consolidate

    Capture Costs From Multiple Sources

    Build a cost model based on usage from multiple sources: server data, CMDB, incidents, projects, or timecards; all from one system of record

  • ServiceNow Standardize

    Generate Reports Quickly

    Monitor costs and quickly identify discrepancies with out-of-the box reporting tools

  • ServiceNow Financial

    Make Proactive Cost Adjustments

    Monitor service costs in real-time and make proactive decisions

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