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Drive awareness to gain sponsorship

Let the entire enterprise know how successful your pilot for a particular business unit was to create an enterprisewide buzz.

  • Promote your success through ongoing storytelling and public promotion.
  • Create awareness of ESM success to generate excitement across the enterprise.
  • Gain executive‑level sponsorship to secure resourcing for ESM at scale.

"Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again." – Graeme Wood, Journalist

So far, you’ve discovered use cases with business partners (Stage 1) and created pilots (Stage 2). Pilots give you the opportunity to showcase your results and success stories and generate awareness of ESM benefits across the enterprise. Awareness comes in multiple forms, but the most important outcome is to create change agents who will promote the ESM message and influence peers. Through awareness and influence, you’ll gain support from executive sponsors, and that will help you secure resources to expand the use of enterprise services.

Promote ESM success

Your goal is to build an ecosystem of change agents and executive sponsors across the enterprise.

Change agents These are stakeholders among your business partners who can help drive the ESM message to the enterprise. They may have helped run pilots or reaped the benefits from pilots. They will “talk the talk,” spread the word, promote through “water cooler” chats, and help you reach executive sponsors in their respective business units.

Executive sponsors You probably already have an executive sponsor for ServiceNow in IT, but your goal is to gain executive sponsors in other business units. For example, the director of HR may be a change agent who convinces the CHRO to support investing in ESM.

Remember, you’ll be just as much a teacher and advisor as a technologist during this journey. This education will provide visibility and help generate demand for enterprise services.

Many customers will gain more influence by performing ongoing storytelling and education, publicly promoting and celebrating deployments, and using in‑product functionality to advertise education events. Ideally, these events will show business partners you haven’t engaged yet what’s possible (from their peers) in terms of positive business outcomes and they’ll come to you to learn more. For example, finance managers who were initially reluctant to consider ESM might reconsider once they learn about the results of your partnership with HR. Encourage your change agents to talk about and publicize success.

The ServiceNow Champion Enablement site is a great resource to get ideas and plans to market ServiceNow to your organization.

Figure 3: The ServiceNow Champion Enablement methods for building champions (Note: You must be registered on the Community site and an active ServiceNow customer to access materials.)

Heads up! Education is a marathon, not a sprint. Back up your education by following through on the commitments you make to business partners.

Gain support from executive sponsors

To scale and sustain support for ESM, you’ll need multiple executive sponsors (and champions). To get these sponsors, you need to either allow your change agents to drive the business case upward, or you need to have a direct conversation.

When you have a sponsor’s support, it means you have their commitment to the execution plan and roadmap. It also means you have funding for that executive’s business unit, whether it’s HR, facilities, finance, or another. And sometimes that funding comes in the form of a commitment to provide human resources rather than dollars.

As you gain executive sponsors, guide them on your expectations of their roles and responsibilities. You can expect your executive sponsors to:

  • Lead strategic oversight of the roadmap for enterprise service management and ServiceNow
  • Promote enterprise service management concepts to peers in other business units by talking about specific projects, successes, and the value they achieved
  • Remove roadblocks and obstacles for Now Platform owners when needed
  • Help identify opportunities to present enterprise service pilots to business leaders
  • Help secure and commit resources for enterprise services

Even if you have executive sponsorship, it doesn’t mean automatic adoption and value realization. A mandate still doesn’t necessarily stop organizational resistance. To make adoption easier, you need to back up your sponsors and champions with a strong organizational change management plan.

This list of the common root causes of change resistance also defines the approach you should take to respond:

  • Competing business priorities – Explain and show how ESM can support their current business challenges.
  • The reputation that ServiceNow is only an IT tool – Show them how ServiceNow provides a platform with solutions that span across an enterprise not just IT.
  • Untangling a legacy process that users are happy with – Explain that though sometimes change can be difficult, legacy systems aren’t the best options long term. Show them how ServiceNow can scale over time.
  • Rebuilding a legacy process on the Now Platform is seen as too much effort – Suggest starting with a clean slate, and focus on how they can optimize their processes more efficiently.
  • The business unit won’t implement without heavy customizations, challenging your ability to upgrade and scale Focus on their business needs rather than on how ServiceNow might reproduce an existing process. For more information, check out the best practice guides on customization pitfalls and upgrades on the Customer Success Center site.

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