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Go full throttle with ServiceNow through instance performance administration

Increase the upgradability, scalability, and performance of your ServiceNow instance

  • Admin access to your ServiceNow instance

This best practice will help you keep your ServiceNow instance running at optimal performance by explaining how to:

  • Perform the activities your instance needs to give you the most value
  • Review your log data for errors and warnings
  • Maintain your tables for peak performance
  • Address upgrade‑impacting issues

With ServiceNow®, customers often find that instance maintenance isn’t as necessary as it is with other systems—ServiceNow is so flexible and thrives under high demand. And you know that before you realize the system also includes comprehensive alerts and monitors, managed by the ServiceNow cloud operations team, so both ServiceNow and your system administrators are always notified if your instance is in a critical state.

What could possibly go wrong—especially considering that both support engineers and customers receive incident notifications on HI along with recommended instructions to provide relief?

It’s true—working with ServiceNow gives you several safety nets. But your goal is to avoid situations that you—or your customers—need relief from. This guide will help.

Note: This best practice is not an exhaustive list of preventative activities, and based on your specific implementation, some recommendations will benefit you more than others.

ServiceNow instances can be like cars—two people can own the same model, year, and make of a vehicle, but depending on how they use it or customize it, they could have entirely different experiences with the vehicle in the long run.

To keep your instance running optimally, you may need to perform the tasks in all five stages regularly—or you may only need to complete the tasks in one or two of the stages. Consider your instance and review these five stages to determine if all or only some of them are required to keep your ServiceNow instance running like a well‑tuned racecar:

Enterprise service management (ESM)

The extension of service management principles to offerings outside of IT (e.g., new employee onboarding)

Enterprise service

An enterprise offering that delivers on an employee or customer demand and that has four elements:

  • A point of engagement, through a portal or catalog
  • A transaction that’s requested through the engagement (e.g., requesting a laptop)
  • A workflow to deliver against the transaction (e.g., a provisioning process)
  • Information that helps the employee or customer make an informed decision, address an issue, and monitor the transaction

Some examples of services include:

  • HR, employee onboarding – An orchestrated process of helping a new employee join an organization and become productive quickly
  • Procurement, vendor onboarding – An orchestrated process of bringing on a new vendor that the organization will do business with
  • Facilities, maintaining buildings – Managing incoming requests for maintenance


The difference between perceived benefits and cost is expressed by:

  • Value = Benefits minus costs
  • Value = Benefits and costs
  • Cost is what you pay, and value is what you get

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