Plan your successful CMDB deployment


Achieve high‑performing business services using a healthy CMDB

Optimize performance with real-time analytics

Communicating the benefits of ServiceNow and getting your decision‑makers on board is much easier when you start with these customizable tools and templates. The Performance Analytics Introduction Templates have everything you need to help your audience understand how ServiceNow drives business outcomes.

The Performance Analytics Introduction Templates contain tools to help you:

  • Prepare for an initial conversation with your business intelligence department or internal ServiceNow platform team about the power of using ServiceNow in their line of business
  • Communicate about an upcoming go‑live
  • Share the successes of your ServiceNow implementation with the organization

When you click to view an attachment, you’ll be taken to the ServiceNow Community and asked to sign in; you can then download the file. If you haven’t yet signed up to take advantage of these free resources, email to get access.

Tools and resources