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With a healthy ServiceNow® instance, you can realize maximum value from the Now Platform and your applications. You can also reduce technical debt—the cost of additional future rework caused by choosing an easier or more limited solution today. Maintaining instance health is made is with HealthScan—ServiceNow’s automated instance scanning system. It allows you to get a full-body assessment of your instance health that analyzes your system configuration and provides insights and recommendations for what you should continue doing and where you can improve.


  • Improve your understanding of your instance health.
  • Accelerate upgrades.
  • Identify how to optimize health and performance.
  • Prevent common implementation missteps.
  • Uncover unnecessary customizations and configurations.

What you get

  • Streamlined access to hundreds of KPIs and best practices
  • Data points across five key categories: security, upgradeability, performance, manageability, and usability
  • Recommendations, arranged by importance, to help prioritize improvement decisions

How it works

  • Get started by reaching out to your account or customer success team to request a HealthScan report.
  • Review the report and identify key areas for improvement