Increasing self‑service is not a one‑time investment—it’s an ongoing initiative. To improve your self‑service experience continuously focus on:

  • Making the self‑service user experience “effortless” – Focus on a small number of key interactions in the user journey where users form their service experience perception. Use advanced search, personalization, and intuitive design to provide an effortless experience at those key user interactions.
  • Prioritizing self‑service improvement and maintenance – Define measurable goals for self‑service improvement and align them with your strategic goals for the Now Platform. Clarify roles and responsibilities to make self‑service improvement a priority for your entire service staff.
  • Nudging users to adopt the self‑service option – Help users overcome change inertia through targeted branding, in‑the‑moment benefit reminders, gamification techniques, and the social influence of early adopters—your service champions. 

Next Steps to improve self‑service with ServiceNow

  • Evaluate your self‑service health against measurable outcome metrics.
  • Understand the pain points and expectations of your consumers at key service interaction points.
  • Objectively evaluate self‑service use cases for your ROI, and use automation to reduce workflow complexity.
  • Design an intuitive, easy‑to‑navigate self‑service user interface:
  • Unify access to all self‑service applications through a common service portal.
  • Provide a human‑centered experience.
  • Design for a mobile‑first experience.
  • Enable advanced search functionality.
  • Use in‑context personalization to solve for relevant needs.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of service staff in driving self‑service success.
  • Align service staff incentives and performance KPIs with self‑service success.
  • Build a good knowledge management discipline.
  • Create self‑service branding that highlights its benefits.
  • Build in functionality to nudge service consumers to choose self‑service in the moment.
  • Engage and highlight early adopters’ success to influence others to adopt self‑service.

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