Set your direction

Clear configuration management goals, objectives, and outcomes are the keys to designing a great configuration management capability that leads to a rock‑solid CMDB.

Designing a great configuration management capability starts with clear configuration management goals, objectives, and outcomes. Make sure your configuration management efforts are aligned to your business objectives.

Write well‑stated goals and objectives

Companies with successful CMDB deployments always articulate what to accomplish, their approach, intended business outcomes, and their ongoing measurements of those outcomes.

Start by writing a list of use cases to focus your goals. These use cases should directly tie to strategic initiatives of your company. ServiceNow customers often start with these:




An infrastructure component broke in the middle of data center migration. How would this impact services?

Data Center Migration

Accurate infrastructure configuration and its impact on business services

We need to change something in our data center. How will this affect our business?

Change Management

Accurate infrastructure configuration and its impact on business services

Our monitoring tool notified us that a metric has exceeded a threshold that happens to be in the cloud. How urgent is this to our business?

Cloud-First Strategy

Mapping of cloud services along with on-premises infrastructure

We’re spending lots of money on our IT infrastructure. Where are these components deployed and for what business applications?

Asset Management

Accurate tracking of infrastructure and applications 

Table 1: Questions that customers ask when setting up key use cases tailored to support business initiatives to accelerate goals and objective definitions

Customer example

The example below shows you how one customer outlined goals for its CMDB tied to key business priorities.

More examples of how to effectively set goals and objectives.

Expert Tip

Expert Tip

Define “outcomes” in terms of what your ability to accomplish your goal means for your IT and business partners. This is how you can get their buy‑in upfront – saving on IT infrastructure costs, for example, means that they will have more budget for new initiatives.

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