Managed performance and service health

You can now manage your CMDB health and keep critical services at maximum availability. Be sure to document any critical services in the configuration management system and CMDB that will impact your configuration management plan.

Create a complete set of documents similar to what you create for a software engineering lifecycle. Treat critical services inside the CMS as strategic applications for your business. Document the following for every critical service:

  • Requirements
  • Logical design
  • Physical design
  • Test plan and test scripts
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Data dictionary

ServiceNow provides a great way to manage critical business services. But maintaining business service relationships with the underlying infrastructure is a continuous effort. Our customers often use Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management to keep the CMDB current and healthy with critical service information.


Configuration Management System

The ITIL V3 Configuration Management System is a much broader system that combines many different data repositories.

Figure 9: Event Management Dashboard: Incremental journey with Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management will give you complete visibility and control of critical business services in CMDB

Expert Tip

Expert Tip


With a healthy CMDB, you can manage service health through properly mapped services.

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