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Build organizational support for enterprise services transformation

Why this is important

When it’s time to create effective methods to gain support, sponsorship, and, ultimately, adoption of enterprise services among business partners and executives beyond IT, you’ll need to learn how to discover your partners’ business challenges and how they can be addressed with enterprise service management (ESM), identify targeted use cases tied to business priorities and make them tangible through prototypes, proofs of concept, and pilots, and make executive sponsors aware of your successful ESM initiatives to gain support from them and increase demand across the enterprise.

Steps covered

1. Extend support for enterprise services
2. Execute on service opportunities
3. Drive awareness to gain sponsorship
4. Scale and sustain ESM

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • Work on two‑way education with business partners to identify potential enterprise service opportunities that you can implement using ServiceNow®.
  • Build and run pilots to create a groundswell of support from your partners and to convert them into change agents. Use those success stories to promote additional enterprise services.
  • Once you gain executive sponsor support, invest in a global ESM Center of Excellence (CoE) to scale and sustain ESM.

The payoff of getting this right
With effective methods for gaining support and sponsorship for enterprise services, you can significantly expand the value that ServiceNow brings to your business partners and executives beyond IT.

What you need to get started

A general understanding of enterprise service management

When you should start this activity

After you have solid processes for governance and for delivering digital business services.

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