How to launch digital business services

What's in this Success Playbook

Our experience with digital transformation across customers has surfaced a three-stage framework for launching digital business services, regardless of the business line or whether the service customer is an employee, customer, or supplier. In this Success Playbook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a system of engagement for digital business services
  • Define clear processes and roles for digital business services
  • Build insight and integration across digital business services

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • The construction of a digital business service begins with the customer—by developing a system of engagement built around the organization’s most viable digitization use cases.
  • To deliver an outcome to a customer, a digital business service requires a baseline set of defined processes for support and governance and clear roles and responsibilities to support them.
  • You can unlock the full value of digitization with insight. Service and process owners should collaborate to develop performance measures and integrate with related systems.

The payoff of getting this right

With digital business services, you can bring new efficiencies and better decision-making to core business processes across your enterprise.

Steps covered

Step 1: Establish a system of engagement

  • First  define the system of engagement—how a business capability is consumed according to specific use cases.

Step 2: Convert engagement to action

  • Build a system of action for delivering digital services based on six processes.

Step 3: Build insight and integration

  • Define performance metrics and an integration plan to build insight.
What you need to get started
What you need to get started
An initial understanding of key enterprise service management (ESM) concepts so you can educate your business partners effectively

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