Transform your legacy knowledge with HR Knowledge Management

What's in this Success Playbook

This Success Playbook will help you transform your knowledge articles into HR knowledge management by teaching you to:

  • Consolidate HR policies and articles from multiple repositories for easier access
  • Standardize knowledge articles using a template for easier production and consumption
  • Import articles into the ServiceNow HR knowledge management solution for easier administration

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • Focus on implementing a standardized process for knowledge management, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. In many organizations, knowledge is scattered and hard to find – but that’s usually because the approach to knowledge management is informal and unorganized.
  • Get executive sponsorship in place to ensure knowledge management is sufficiently prioritized, and promote organizational change management to help employees take advantage of improved knowledge resources.

The payoff of getting this right

By promoting self-service, effective HR knowledge management should reduce HR case volumes and speed up resolution—that means big cost savings.

Steps covered

Step 1: Organize your approach

  • Create a knowledge base (KB) team to decide what to include in your KB, then to build and maintain it.
  • Give employees centralized KB access for a more consumer-like experience.
  • Launch knowledge management with change management.

Step 2: Templatize your knowledge

  • Create a solid article structure to make your KB easy to use and understand.
  • Use the same template for all KB articles for better consistency.
  • Digitalize your knowledge assets and optimize them for online consumption. 

Step 3: Build new content, consolidate, and review your entire inventory

  • After you take inventory, identify your knowledge gaps and build content to fill them.
  • Before you put your new articles into a standard template, look for duplicates.

Step 4: Configure your HR knowledge base

  • ServiceNow provides a quick and easy way to create and configure your knowledge base.

Step 5: Perform a final review and publish

  • Review articles within ServiceNow prior to publishing.
  • Your KB should give employees the same consumer experience at work they get at home. 
What you need to get started
What you need to get started
A general understanding of HR knowledge management
A process for managing existing knowledge articles
When you should start this activity
When you should start this activity
You can transform HR knowledge management at any time, but ensure that you have solid executive sponsorship and supporting change management resources before you start.
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