Avoid customization pitfalls so you can innovate and meet demand at scale

What's in this Success Playbook

Successful customers limit their customization to clear, demonstrated business needs and avoid the management pitfalls that lead to excessive, unsustainable customization. This Success Playbook will show you how to:

  • Build governance policies and structures that promote business-smart customization—configuration and custom development that delivers clear, validated business value in response to demand
  • Use recommended development mechanisms and tools to minimize technical complexity

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • Get to business-smart customization—establish guidelines to define customization that delivers business value.
  • Define the right governance models to effectively meet and deliver on demands for customization.

The payoff of getting this right

Avoiding customization pitfalls minimizes your technical debt and ensures faster testing cycles during upgrades. Excess customization that doesn’t serve a clear business purpose can actually inhibit your ability to take advantage of new innovations available with upgrades.   

Steps covered

Step 1: Define business case guidelines             

  • Use interviews to discover whether or not customization is required to deliver your objectives at the “desk level” of the individual user. 
  • Use simple scoring mechanisms to frame the cost-benefit of common customization scenarios, and use this evaluation as means to evaluate and prioritize business demands for customization.

Step 2: Establish governance             

  • Effective governance requires both demand management and adherence to technology best practices.
  • A federated model for demand management is the best way to manage demands for customization while avoiding risks to global platform stability.

Step 3: Define the development model         

  • Use scoped applications to build custom apps and limit your use of domain separation to a narrow set of use cases.
  • Use delegated development and source control to manage distributed development.

Step 4: Learn customization demands

  • Look for the relationship between customization demands and users’ “moments of truth,” where experience and satisfaction are most strongly shaped.
  • Focus disproportionately on service fulfillers, and involve them in defining business-smart customization.
What you need to get started
What you need to get started
Ensure that you have a clear governance structure in place for ServiceNow to administer the policies you put in place for business-smart customization.

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