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Getting the most from your ServiceNow investment

Guidance and resources to help you succeed

In this e-book, we'll explore some common questions, challenges, and topics related to ServiceNow implementation. You'll find prescriptive, actionable advice on each topic to help customers get value from their ServiceNow investment. Our recommendations address critical customer needs throughout their journey, such as defining vision and roadmaps aligned with enterprise goals and outcomes, product implementation and adoption, and establishing an operating model to manage ServiceNow as a strategic platform.

Based on the Now Value methodology, these resources allow you to digitally transform your organization by knowing you’re taking the right steps at the right time on your ServiceNow journey. Backed by official guidance created by the ServiceNow Best Practice Center of Excellence, the Now Value methodology structures and applies the full expertise of the ServiceNow ecosystem for fast and successful digital transformation. Our content and guidance recommends critical processes, provides expert insights, and calls out common pitfalls and challenges.

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Chapter 1: Implementation
Chapter 2: Management
Chapter 3: Value Management