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Why this is important

Get ready to start building an enterprise onboarding service using ServiceNow. Within these resources, you’ll learn how to align your service with your business objectives and develop a blueprint for designing onboarding activities. Also find guidance on providing the right testing, training, promotion, and extension of your service.

Steps covered

1. Define the onboarding service
2. Design the onboarding service
3. Develop a plan for service adoption
4. Scale and extend across the enterprise

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
Enterprise onboarding can be one of the most complex services you implement—but you can use ServiceNow to cut through complexity.

  • To reduce complexity, start by creating a clear vision of your objectives, scope, and stakeholders. This includes defining an initial phase that achieves quick wins, using the ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding Maturity Model for guidance.
  • Implementing onboarding with a phased approach will help you get to value faster, and you’ll develop insights that will help you scale.

The payoff of getting this right
You’ll kickstart implementation of your onboarding service by building a repeatable blueprint that you can scale across the enterprise. Implementing an onboarding service in a correct, repeatable way will help you achieve business objectives such as:

  • Improving the candidate-to-employee experience
  • Increasing new hire productivity and retention
  • Improving the efficiency and transparency of your onboarding process

What you need to get started

Leadership support
Input on business objective and your service’s scope from your executive sponsor, key IT and HR business partners, and other key stakeholders (your onboarding and facilities support teams, for example)
Relevant artifacts from your current onboarding process to help you identify opportunities to digitize and improve workflows

When you should start this activity

Two to three months before you want to go live with your onboarding service, depending on the size of your organization

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