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Delivering strategic outcomes

Align your investments with strategic objectives to properly fund teams and make sure they’re working on initiatives that deliver high returns.

Build a foundation for success

A strong foundation includes the right products coupled with leadership readiness.


Learn more

To start, watch our short video about driving strategic outcomes.

Reference Architecture​

Learn the architecture

Find out what ServiceNow capabilities can help you transform your organization.

Transformation Insight

Prepare your team

Identify the actions you should take as a transformational leader.

Support your journey with ServiceNow’s leading practices

Success Pack

Project and portfolio management foundations

See how our success pack can deliver value through every phase of PPM.

Success Playbook

Where to start the implementation journey with ServiceNow

These resources help you improve your IT and enterprise service management by effectively implementing ServiceNow.

Success Checklist

Build a phased program plan

Download our step-by-step action plan for building your ServiceNow roadmap and program plan.

Success Checklist

State your transformation vision and outcomes

Download our step-by-step action plan for building your transformation vision.

Success Insight

Five essentials for successful project management

Learn about the most common project pitfalls and how to address them to stay on track.

Success Playbook

Manage platform demand

Download our step-by-step action plan for managing demand for ServiceNow capabilities.

Success Map


Support your journey with DevOps.

Success Playbook

Support DevOps in the enterprise with ServiceNow

Learn how you can get started using ServiceNow to support DevOps.