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This IT Journey Resource Center is your source for ITSM information and implementation—whether you’re just getting started or are well into your ITSM implementation. Based upon proven ITIL® maturity models, you’ll find the prescriptive guidance you need to deliver IT service that is fast, accurate, and automated. 

Start by discovering where you are and what you need to achieve the business outcomes you’re looking for.


Where are You on the Journey?

ServiceNow ITSM Journey Diagram

Set Your Help Desk Straight

  • Consolidate processes under one system
  • Quickly resolve issues
  • Shrink your overdue incidents list
  • Get 100% service delivery visibility

Organize Your Service Desk & Streamline Engagement

  • Build your data model
  • Manage your assets
  • Fix once and be done with root cause analysis
  • Create great user experiences based on an intuitive UI and automated workflow

Apply a Business Focus to Accelerate Time to Value

  • Manage service availability to stop outages before they start
  • Provide service cost transparency and stem spending overruns
  • Regulate demand for work and avoid project delays
  • Prove regulatory compliance and avoid penalties by proactively streamlining compliance activities

Optimize and Align Your Team’s Contribution

  • Prove effectiveness with analytics that demonstrate alignment to business goals
  • Make better decisions with an integrated risk‑management framework
  • Accurately analyze and prioritize business optimization strategies
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