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17 November 2021

ServiceNow Great Place to Work Certification

A Great Place to Work: How ServiceNow UK and Ireland has achieved this accolade through its service to people and communities 

Announcing our certification in the UK last year was a big moment; it was the first time we had entered a Great Place to Work. But I think for me, this year has meant more. We’ve proven again that ServiceNow in the UK is a Great Place to Work. And in addition to this, Ireland too has been certified a Great Place to Work. 

These successes are extraordinary. But we mustn’t rest on our laurels. It’s a fitting time for us to reflect on who we really are as a business, ensure we maintain everything that’s great about our business, and continue to become even better.

Being certified is testament to our commitment to the market, and our investment into an outstanding workplace culture.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think we shout enough about what we’ve achieved here. I’d like to take a moment to do just that.

Making life better for our teams

Our employees are central to everything we do, and caring for them – and ensuring they belong – is our number one priority.

The past two years have been a real test of that commitment. COVID has completely transformed what the experience of work is like. So, we’ve put measures in place to support our employees throughout the pandemic and beyond. We’ve given all employees the option of continuing to work remotely until the end of 2021, while our “Return to Workplace” helps keep those who do choose to go back to the office – as well as external visitors – safe. 

But we’ve tried to keep things fun, too. Our Zoom-based events, offering everything from cocktail making, to quizzes, yoga, wine-tasting, and karaoke, went down a hit, and was a way to show we care. 

Giving back to our communities

As the saying goes, no person is an island. We know that our communities play a huge role in our day-to-day lives as individuals. And that’s why ServiceNow is proud to support not just our employees, but their communities across the UK and Ireland too. 

We’re proud to have supported several local schools with our volunteering initiatives, with staff supporting students with mock interviews, help on their CVs, job descriptions and covering letters, as well as a recycling solutions hackathon! 

The winning ‘product’ was a google extension App that would allow businesses to automatically donate based on search hits. How inspiring for a 12-year-old to come up with that solution! 

We also had teams volunteering at a local food bank, we hosted a traditional Indian lunch to mark Diwali and for the first time in a long time, hosted an in-person social event at Twickenham Rugby stadium. 

Through our DIBs initiatives we were also incredibly fortunate to host a webinar with the RH Stuart Lawrence for Black History Month, celebrating our ‘Proud to Be’ moments. It’s moments like this that remind us to stay true to ourselves and encourage our employees to be themselves. At ServiceNow we want to create a space of belonging where people can be their authentic selves. 

Creating a better future

Despite all we’ve done so far, there’s always more we can do.

The environment is just one example. We’re developing plans to address key environmental challenges like climate change and energy usage, sustainable procurement, and waste. Our first steps have been announced, and we’re aiming our focus on increasing energy efficiency in our data centres and offices, and encouraging more sustainable travel.

I recently had the honour of attending COP26 and speaking alongside other leading tech businesses about the importance of climate change. It’s my belief that if we continue on this path of sustainability, environmental impact and societal impact, we will start to get to a place where impact is minimised. But we have a lot of work to do, and by collaborating we will get there. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to be – and to remain – a Great Place to Work™. I have no doubt we will succeed. If you want to join us on that journey, I’d encourage you to take a look at some of the positions available right now on our ServiceNow Careers Portal.


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