ServiceNow Skills Bootcamps: creating jobs for the next generation

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15 July 2021

ServiceNow digital bootcamps: creating jobs for the next generation

The digital skills gap is an issue that’s affected the UK for years now – and by accounts, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A recent KPMG report reveals that businesses are still struggling to get the employees they need to meet their needs. Not only is this impacting, business productivity, it could harm international competitiveness, too.

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting even more pressure on the jobs market – and sending job vacancies to new heights – it’s all the more crucial we plug the gap.

Through its NextGen program, ServiceNow is proud to be taking an active step in helping to reduce the digital skills gap, both by upskilling the existing workforce, and bringing fresh talent into the industry from underrepresented backgrounds – with the aim of benefiting our customers and  partners across the UK.

Today marks a bold new step in this mission. We’re now teaming up with the Princes Trust and Northeastern University’s UK campus (NCH at Northeastern) to create a new, government-funded, employer-led Skills Bootcamp that responds directly to the digital needs of the future.

Starting in September, the four-month long Skills Bootcamps will see us work with customers and to both upskill existing employees and offer bespoke training for brand-new industry positions.

 The goal? To help to fill the skills gap, while creating truly sustainable jobs for the future.

A truly unique, business-first approach

Training schemes aren’t a novel idea – but this partnership is entirely different.

We’re consulting our partners and customers right from the beginning of the planning process to help ensure any jobs created directly reflect the skills shortages individual businesses are suffering, be it engineers, developers, or something else entirely. We can then create a bespoke curriculum through our workflow platform that offers real-world examples, scenarios, and on-the-job training, giving trainees the skills they need to excel from day one of their new job.

Armed with the right curriculum, we’re looking to our business partners as the first port of call for sourcing existing employees that are ready to further develop their digital skills in new ways. The Princes Trust will then rely on its wealth of local experts to identify suitable candidates from underrepresented backgrounds who will be the best fit for new industry positions.

Finally, the New College of Humanities will offer the infrastructure and the scholastic framework required to implement and teach the curriculum.

The end result is a ground-up programme aimed at giving participants the best shot at success.

Giving trainees the tools – and support – to succeed

We’re fully aware that not everyone gets the same opportunities or support when it comes to learning.

That’s why we’re setting up additional schemes to support applicants with everything they need to succeed in the bootcamps – not least a tech donation pool to source the laptops, tablets, and other tech that trainees might need.

Thanks to the Princes Trust, trainees will also benefit from outstanding pastoral care to help ensure they have the confidence and other real-world skills they need to succeed in the training program and beyond.

Opening new avenues to education

These new Skills Bootcamps are all part of our broader plan to open new avenues to learning and skill-building that go beyond traditional approaches to learning – whether it’s talent that’s been left behind by conventional education, those who are struggling to find employment upon leaving education, or those who are looking for a change in career.

Together with the other training pathways we offer and our existing Degree Apprenticeship program, this new initiative is designed to create a seamless learning path, open to all, that can take participants from zero digital literacy, all the way up to degree-level certification. 

Could you help us create the workforce of the future?

We’re immensely proud of this new collaboration with the Princes Trust and the New College of Humanities – and excited to be taking further steps to fight the skills gap and bring new talent into the workforce.

The more partners we can get on board, the greater the impact we can have. Have you thought about what your business could bring to the table?

For more information on how you can help, and how your business could benefit, contact


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