Take charge of your future with ServiceNow and The Prince's Trust

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19 March 2021

Take care of your future with ServiceNow and the Prince's Trust

With levels of youth unemployment now at their highest since 2016, getting a foot on the career ladder can feel daunting.

At the same time, many companies are facing their own employment challenges. With the pandemic rapidly digitising every industry, many firms are finding themselves short of the digitally skilled workers they need to keep up. This skills gap is costing the UK economy £63bn a year, and it needs closing quickly to support business recovery.

Investing in those tech skills offers a solution to both problems, which is why at ServiceNow, we’re committed to equipping you with the in-demand digital skills needed to get you into the world of work.

 As a result, we’ve teamed up with The Prince’s Trust to develop a unique traineeship designed to upskill young talent and set you on a path to rewarding technology careers.

What is the partnership about?

Working in partnership with The Prince’s Trust, we’ve developed a wide-reaching programme that provides new opportunities for young people like you, aiming to recruit, train, and support you to pursue digital careers and fill the UK’s digital skills shortage.

“There is an untapped pool of unemployed young people who have huge potential to fill the demand for digitally-skilled employees,” says Annie Whitton, Corporate Partnerships Manager at the Prince's Trust. “They often don’t have access to the right training schemes, or sometimes even the laptops or WiFi needed to pursue those opportunities – which is what our support can help provide.”  

What does the training programme involve?

Launching on 12th April, the jointly-run programme is designed to open doors for young people – particularly young women from under-represented backgrounds, and accelerate their digital training through real-world experience, both in and out of the virtual classroom.

Participants will attend a 10-week course using the ServiceNow Now Platform®, and will be fully immersed in a hands-on, applied-learning setting, tutored and trained by ServiceNow employees and receiving long-term pastoral support from The Prince’s Trust.

Most notably, participants will earn official ServiceNow certifications, and develop skills relevant to partner organisations offering job opportunities at the end of the course.

What doors will open for you?

While many training courses seek to address youth unemployment by equipping participants with applicable workplace skills, they often don’t have a clear path to employment at the end of training.

That’s different with ServiceNow. Through our other traineeship programme, we’ve built a rich network of 800 customers and 40 partners across the UK, meaning we’re in a unique position to help take our participants straight into employment after completing the course.

Thanks to this network, participants will also have the opportunity to experience real-world scenarios demonstrating the impact our technology is having on businesses the world over.

How is ServiceNow technology making a difference?

With so many organisations striving to make a difference in the world – and using our technology to help them do it – you really can be part of something bigger...

For instance, DEFRA are responsible for safeguarding the UK’s natural environment, supporting our food industries, and sustaining the rural economy. During the pandemic, the agency worked with ServiceNow to connect their different departments and processes to help ensure services continued throughout lockdown – playing a major role in sustaining the water we drink, food we eat, and clean air we breathe.

The Francis Crick Institute works to understand why disease develops and finds ways to help improve the health and quality of our lives. When COVID-19 hit, its expertise was essential in fighting against the disease and needed to keep its doors open to do so. Using ServiceNow, the institute built a functioning track and trace app within 22 days – one of the first of its kind in the UK – enabling staff to work on-site safely.

Even NHS Scotland is currently using ServiceNow technology to roll out its COVID-19 vaccination programme, digitising the entire vaccine administration process and supporting the Scottish Government’s ambition to vaccinate 5.5 million citizens in just three months.

How will the programme support you?

The Prince’s Trust knows that creating a strong support system for participants is key to long-term success, which is why pastoral care is central to this programme.

Whitton explains, “The programme support is designed to encompass guidance offered by both The Prince’s Trust and ServiceNow, meaning you get the backing you need to overcome any challenges and gain the skills you need to succeed in the workforce.”

Whitton and her team also anticipate that many participants may need help with personal development skills and plan on including confidence-building activities to create a well-rounded programme tailored to every participant’s needs.

As part of the partnership, The Prince’s Trust will provide you with laptops and WiFi support where possible to help overcome tech poverty. Further opportunities for grants are available through The Prince’s Trust Development Awards – giving you access to essential items to participate in programmes and get you started in a job.

Want to get started? We’ve got your back.

It’s vital to surround yourself with people who support you 100% and can help you on your journey – especially when taking the first steps into the world of work.

At ServiceNow, we make that world, work better – not just for businesses, but for new talent, too.

If you feel ready for a change and want to realise your fullest potential, take the first step towards a successful, brighter future. Contact us and see how you can join the programme:

For London, contact Karuna Gujadhur at karuna.gujadhur@princes-trust.org.uk

For Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, reach out to Pam Willows-Chamberlain at pam.willows@princes-trust.org.uk



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