ServiceNow is the UK’s Best Workplace in Tech 2021

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14 October 2021

ServiceNow is the UK’s Best Workplace in Tech 2021

After an unprecedented past year, organisations from all sectors have had to learn to adapt and thrive in a new world of work.

Tech companies are no different. In the 2021 official report from Great Place to Work providing insights and best practices from the 2021 Best Workplaces in Tech, they highlighted that “tech companies…have also radically pivoted their services, leveraging the new conditions brought on by the pandemic to truly thrive.”

At ServiceNow, we’re committed to creating an organisation that people are proud to work at. So we’re delighted to have taken first place in the Great Place to Work Survey’s UK’s Best Workplace in Tech 2021, in the large organisations category.

Here’s how I believe we got there – and why we’re so proud to work at ServiceNow.

People are our strongest asset

In 2021, the number of our employees in the UK has grown by 18.6%, with 123 new employees joining the team. And it’s what those people make happen – both in and beyond their day jobs – that really makes a difference.

The pandemic is a great example, with many going above and beyond over the past 18 months to set up initiatives aimed at helping fellow employees in very trying times.

To give back to all our employees we also offered a variety of initiatives. “Recharge Fridays” provided staff a way to carve out much-needed time to refocus themselves and their families, promoting a healthy work / life balance. We also created a month-long Wellbeing and Mental Health awareness campaign with various activities, events and resources designed to help employees understand how they can focus and improve their mental wellbeing, encouraging time away from the desk, yoga, guided meditation, and networking events.

Elsewhere, our Culture Champions support us in finding creative ways to give back to local communities, while our NextGen initiative helps equip people with the skills they need for tomorrow.

It’s through all of this that our people have proven to be our strongest asset, and it’s vital we recognize them and the essential role they play in our business.

That’s why diversity, inclusion and belonging are central to our corporate culture, and we believe it’s this that promotes creativity and innovation in our business – and enables us to attract and retain the best talent.

And we’re not alone. Analysis from the 2021 Best Workplaces in Tech report, highlights that it is this prioritisation of “positive wellbeing, innovation and career growth that has led to higher employee retention and attraction.”

Wellbeing and flexibility

As well as attracting and retaining talent, a focus on work-life balance and purpose-driven employment is an important factor of our success.

The Best Workplaces in Tech report reveals that the opportunity to work from home has provided employees with increased flexibility, and, for many, has made a real difference to mental wellbeing. Research in the report revealed that 93.50% of respondents said they’re able to take time off when it’s necessary, and 91.15% said their organisation actively promotes mental and physical health.1

It’s something borne out in our own research too: we recently conducted our own global survey of 900 C-suite leaders and 8,100 employees across 11 countries on the new ways of working that will last beyond Covid-19. 92% of execs acknowledged that Covid-19 forced them to rethink how they worked, and 87% of employees say it’s an improvement.

For us, it makes sense. We can only perform at our best – and grow and develop our careers and potential – if we’re able to work where, when, and how we work best. And we’re proud to be committed to a future of hybrid working.

While ServiceNow lives and breathes this way of working internally, we’re also keen to extend the benefits to our customers through the Now Platform®, providing every business with the same chance to reap the rewards of flexible working.

Number 1 Best Workplace

At ServiceNow, we strive to create a workplace environment that supports and encourages; that’s diverse, creative and innovative; and which is truly at the forefront of a new world of work.

We’re so proud to have been recognised as a Best Workplace in Tech – and we’re excited to see what we achieve in the future.


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