AI-Powered Service Operations: Are you in control of your operations?

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  • Tim Coughlin
  • 2022
01 April 2022

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Organisations across all sectors, both big and small, have one thing in common: when it comes to business continuity, the last couple of years have been a real test.

A sudden shift to remote working, global disruption to the supply chain, economic instability, and more means that IT leaders have become well acquainted not just with disruption, but with pressure to keep things running smoothly in the face of disruption.

Business continuity can be challenging at the best of times, but throw in an ever-changing landscape, and it becomes almost impossible – without the right technology solutions.

This is where AI-powered service operations come into play.

What businesses need

To endure any change thrown at them, business leaders require three things: better visibility to help predict and identify issues before they impact the company; better agility, to adapt and resolve these issues quickly; and a solid digital foundation in place.

Technology will continue to evolve, but without the ability to quickly identify problem areas across operations and begin to resolve them, we’re likely looking at inefficient services, wasted resources, and poor outcomes.

How AI-powered service operations can help

To put it simply, ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) form the foundations of successful service operations delivery.

The way they do this is simple: they supply services that keep employees productive, while also proactively managing operations. This ensures the core services keep running and keeps the business functioning and resilient - which in today’s landscape, is key to survival.

ITSM and ITOM help IT Leaders to identify the impact of services and operations on the business in near real time, allowing them to make smarter decisions faster and speed up the time taken to resolve incidents with the use of AI.

What’s more, by consolidating tools to a single cloud platform, such as the Now Platform, you not only increase team collaboration, but also gain enterprise-wide visibility, which is crucial to identify issues before they can impact your operations, and predict future problems, allowing you to prevent outages where possible.

This peripheral vision allows for greater knowledge sharing and diagnostic information, a better understanding of your operations (and any weak areas), and increased productivity overall.

AI-powered service operations in action with Danske Bank

One company already seeing the results of AI-powered service operations is the global financial services leader, Danske Bank. The business used the technology to consolidate all its services onto a single platform – and thereby continuously improving productivity, business continuity and risk management.

“Our IT service management was built on siloed tools, with elements such as case management run by one platform and knowledge management run by another solution,” says Jacob Elfving, Development Manager, IT Operations at Danske Bank.

“Our service management used to be an inefficient patchwork of data, processes, and tools,” adds Jacob. “The Now Platform gives us complete visibility of our infrastructure and services, with complete control over our service management approach. This means better insights and more robust business decision-making.”

The results? Faster innovation, better business resilience and visibility, and an improved user experience.
Read more on Danske’s story here.

Experience AI-Powered Service Operations in person at SITS 2022

ServiceNow is a sponsor at The ServiceDesk & IT Support Show (SITS2022) in London, so if you’re looking to find out more about AI-powered service operations, and how they can help you take better control over your organisation, why not attend, and see for yourself. We’d love to meet you there.

You can join for free right now, so to learn more about the event and register visit here.


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