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  • Paul Turley
14 June 2022

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For many, ‘business agility’ long felt like just another buzzword – something that sounded good in a quarterly meeting but didn’t necessarily carry a huge amount of urgency.

Then the events of 2020 turned the business world upside down, and those same people realised that business agility wasn’t just something to call out in B2B bingo, but a very real – and crucial – goal for organisations that want to survive.

Organisations across the globe have had to evolve and become adaptable in the face of great change, whether that’s managing a hybrid workforce, training staff on all-new systems to allow for remote working or spending large amounts of budget on new infrastructure that allows for greater flexibility.

Doing all of this while also maintaining productivity levels, customer satisfaction and a great employee experience is, to put it bluntly, difficult.

But the right technology can help.

Over the past two years, daa Group worked with Atos Engage ESM to implement ServiceNow technology that helped simplify processes and boost agile in an unpredictable landscape.

Here’s how it went:

Agility in the wake of the pandemic

The pandemic meant that entire industries had to transform – and fast.

For daa Group, which was dealing with clunky, unintuitive, outdated systems, this was a problem. Without simple software that allowed for efficient change management, business agility was off the table completely.

Faced with the need to change systems providers, the team developed a clear wish list: one, any new portal needed to be kept as simple to use as possible; two, it needed to allow for better change management; and three, it needed to be implemented fast.

The organisation was facing a hard stop with their previous service, leaving just 12 weeks to get up and running with a new system. With such a tight deadline looming, and achieving flexibility more urgent than ever, simplicity became not just a priority, but a necessity.

A better employee experience in record timing

By choosing to partner with ServiceNow and Atos Engage ESM, daa made the dream of a high-quality platform and speedy installation a reality.

The new portal combined all of the team's needs in one easy-to-use platform that acted as a ‘one stop shop’ for users across the entire organisation.

Our portal allowed daa to continue to handle large volumes of ticketed requests, while also giving them the ability to include asset management, change management and more within the same system.

Feedback across the organisation has been extremely positive. The portal increases collaboration across the entire company and meets the bespoke needs of the team, resulting in boosted productivity and resilience.

The broader business impacts are just as significant.

Before ServiceNow, the process of raising a ticket was overcomplicated, and staff were much more likely to resort to emailing or calling an IT agent. Since migrating to the Now Platform®, that’s all changed: employees benefit from self-serve IT tickets, saving daa time and money which can be reinvested into other initiatives that foster greater business agility and growth.

Preparing for the future

Off the back of such positive results, the team is now looking to the future, and specifically, to how they can continue to boost business agility with mobile capabilities.

In an organisation like daa, technology also has to be agile enough to work on the go – performing just as well for an agent on the ground around busy terminals as it does for one working at home, or in the office. This is where mobile solutions come in.

By becoming more mobile, daa can be fully prepared for any unexpected events the future holds – and, luckily, ServiceNow will be there to help at every stage.

To find out how ServiceNow® technologies can help improve your business agility, visit our website, or get in touch using our contact page.

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