#IAmRemarkable: How ServiceNow is supporting women to the top

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31 August 2022

#IAmRemarkable: How ServiceNow is supporting women to the top

At ServiceNow, we take great strides to get women to the top. It’s one of the reasons why we ranked 9th in the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2022 in the large companies category by Great Place to Work , and why we’re excited to announce that we’re taking part in the #IAmRemarkable campaign with Google.

For me, the campaign touches on something that I believe in and work hard to achieve: giving women the confidence to celebrate their successes.

It’s something I personally strive to do on a regular basis. But I have to admit, talking openly about my accomplishments doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m not alone either75% of women in executive roles say they’ve experienced self-doubt, or imposter syndrome, at some point in their career.

But it’s so important to overcome those feelings if we want to shatter the glass ceiling. Especially if you consider the fact that the percentage of female executive directors flatlined at 13.7% for a second year in a row.

That’s why I’m proud to be part of a company that is working hard to improve the broken ‘rung’ and women’s representation at all levels. Afterall, only with the right support can women find the opportunities and mentoring they need to succeed.  

Finding your support network

Providing support for other women in the company is something I’m particularly passionate about. I’ve seen a fair share of bias throughout my career that made me doubt myself numerous times.

In other companies I’ve had male colleagues tell me to ‘wear a skirt’ to the meeting, other times, board members assumed I was there to take notes and questioned my presence even though I was representing Finance. The scenarios are varied, but the implication was always the same — my work isn’t as important as the way I look, and I’m not as valuable as my male counterparts.

Facing everyday biases like that can deeply impact a woman’s motivation and confidence in their work. More than that, it can be detrimental to her progression as she’s more likely to focus on what could be wrong, rather than focus on what she’s doing right.

And when self-promotion is necessary for career promotion, not having the confidence to do so means being passed over for new projects, pay raises, and – you guessed it – leadership roles.

So what got me through my own hurdles? It might sound cliché, but the incredible support network of family, mentors and sponsors who listened and encouraged me to not only stand up for myself in instances like the above, but to celebrate my achievements too.

Having that support is the main driver behind why I joined Women at Now, a group run by women for women working at ServiceNow  – and is the reason why we’re running the #IAmRemarkable workshop this year.

#IAmRemarkable campaign at ServiceNow

Perhaps the biggest hold-back for a lot of women is self-doubt – and there’s data that suggest women do tend to undersell themselves and rate themselves over a third (33%) lower than their equally-performing male peers.

Which is exactly why campaigns like #IAmRemarkable is so important.

A Google-led initiative, #IAmRemarkable strives to empower women and underrepresented groups to gain confidence and recognise their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond.

The ServiceNow-led workshop shines a light on daily struggles, like poor self-esteem and self-doubt, and provides those involved with the tools they need to overcome those hurdles.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest and the workshop quickly became a lightning rod for women to discuss their experiences, find support and connect with people all across the business they might otherwise miss.

And it can build new relationships where women in senior roles take on the role as mentor and guide others when they need it most. I only have to look at my first mentor who gave me a safe pair of ears and showed me how to best manage teams; or my own mother who didn’t let biases hold her down from pursuing her dreams as a computer programmer, and then an elite tennis coach.

Creating those connections at ServiceNow not only helps women overcome any challenges thrown their way, but it can help form an inclusive work culture that has the potential to smash the glass ceiling so women in senior roles are the rule – not the exception.

Creating a supportive culture starts now

Looking back at my career, I see so many instances that I would question now but didn’t because I lacked the confidence.

Foresight is 20/20, however, which is why it’s so important that women have a platform where we can share and mentor each other at all stages of our careers.

Ensuring inclusivity and sense of belonging are vital to how a company innovates and grows – something that we strongly believe here at ServiceNow. But it can only happen with the right support.

It’s only through continued progress we can make positive change. After all, change brings opportunities, and new opportunity leads to a brighter future for now and for the next generation.

If ServiceNow sounds like a great place to work, why not check out our careers page?


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