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30 September 2022

Anne Haaber-Bernth, Country Manager, ServiceNow Sweden

At ServiceNow, everything we do is about making the world work better for our customers, partners, and employees. But we couldn’t do that without the right team.

That’s why, we’re thrilled to be joined by our new Country Manager for ServiceNow Sweden, Anne Haaber-Bernth.

We caught up with Anne to talk about her journey to ServiceNow, what her first few months have looked like, and her goals and priorities for the region going forward.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Sure! I’m coming to ServiceNow with 25 years of experience within the technology sector, having worked in leadership roles for companies such as IBM and SAP.

I joined ServiceNow Sweden as a Country Manager in May 2022.

What attracted you to the role at ServiceNow?

Before joining ServiceNow, I had noticed the company popping up more and more. I very quickly realised that the company was tackling a lot of the problems that most of us in the industry were trying to solve — and doing it well.

I started my career 25 years ago with a view to try to make technology more seamless for end-users or, put simply, bring people, technology and business together. That’s exactly what ServiceNow does, and that’s why I knew it was a good fit for me.

What are you bringing to the role of Country Manager, Sweden?

I have a holistic view of the industry, and will always have an eye on what our customers need and want — whatever that may be.

I’m also very aware that I don't have all the answers — no single person does. But, the answers are there within the organisation already, so it’s important to me that I can best mobilise our team to be able to find them.

What have you been up to since starting?

First of all, it’s been great to go through the onboarding process that we actually offer and see it first-hand. Experiencing the solutions we offer — and how seamless the set-up can be — is a great way to get equipped with ServiceNow experience before actually beginning the role.

In a business sense, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months meeting with customers and partners to really get to know them. They’re my priority, and so I want to make sure I understand exactly what they need from me, what they can do better, and how we can help them as a business.

What do you consider as the main areas for growth at ServiceNow Sweden?

ServiceNow is an incredibly fast-growing company, and that’s very much apparent in our region, too.

The challenge now is making sure that we’re matching that growth when it comes to skills and capacity in the ServiceNow ecosystem. Are we upskilling at a pace that matches our own, our partners — and even more importantly, our customers’ — growth?

On that note, it’s a critical time for customers in Sweden. The market is competitive, the landscape is somewhat unpredictable, and many of the companies we work with are trying to create a seamless user experience more efficiently.

This is exactly what we do, and why one of the key areas of growth lies with existing customers, and making sure they’re taking advantage of the full scope of solutions and benefits ServiceNow can offer. We’re no longer just a ticketing solution.

What are your plans for the region going forward?

As I mentioned, we’re all trying to do things more efficiently. Our customers want speed and simplicity, and we can give it to them.

We add a single neat process layer that can be implemented within days — not years. I often say that implementing our technology is almost like cheating because it’s so simple compared to other technologies.

So, the opportunity to make sure our customers are taking every advantage of us is right there waiting, we just have to run with it. Our customers — both new and existing — need to know exactly what we can do for them beyond the typical ticketing solution.

Recently, one of our customers acknowledged they had value from our ITSM solutions in the past, but didn’t have full value until they implemented our Employee workflows. I want every customer to realise the full potential of ServiceNow solutions in creating faster, easier workflows, and helping them do better even in the most challenging landscapes.

To learn more about how we could help you and your business, visit our website.

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