ServiceNow launches its Protected Platform for the European Union (SPP EU)

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09 June 2022

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ServiceNow is pleased to announce that the SPP EU is now available to customers who wish to participate.

Many companies, organizations and government entities are increasingly looking for assistance in navigating a complex and evolving data protection regulatory landscape; particularly with regard to the requirements for transferring personal data out of the EU.

One approach to addressing these requirements is to minimize the amount of data transfers out of the EU. The SPP EU helps ServiceNow customers by further restricting data transfers out of the EU when they use ServiceNow products, including and as part of receiving customer support, subject to some necessary but limited exceptions which are critical or under the customer’s control.

To reduce these data transfers, ServiceNow has substantially increased its personnel in the EU in key functions, ensuring that customers get the best of ServiceNow with the added benefit of the SPP EU protections.

ServiceNow constantly monitors and responds to changes in the data protection regulatory landscape, and will continue to evolve, improve and invest in its services to address any new developments. The SPP EU is just the latest example of ServiceNow’s commitment to its customers in protecting their data and assisting with regulatory compliance. 

ServiceNow has also recently attained the EU Cloud Code of Conduct Certification, which is one of the first industry codes of conduct for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation that is both specifically for cloud providers and approved by European data protection authorities. This additional Certification further demonstrates ServiceNow’s commitment to the privacy and security of its customers’ data, and its continued focus on data protection in Europe.


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