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12 January 2023

ServiceNow Finland Country Manager Nina Koivikko

At ServiceNow, we make the world work better for our customers, partners, and employees. Carrying that out involves hiring the right talent. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Nina Koivikko as country manager for ServiceNow Finland.

We caught up with Nina to discuss her journey, goals, and aspirations.

Tell us about your background.

I’ve been working in the information and communications technology industry for 26 years now—across several companies in Belgium and Finland. Before ServiceNow, I joined Microsoft to lead a newly established solution sales team in Finland, which was hugely exciting.

My role was to create value for Finnish customers on their digital transformation journeys. I’m proud to say we delivered—improving Finnish organisations’ employee and customer experiences, increasing their operational efficiency, and creating new business opportunities while growing our sales and doubling the size of our team.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different parts of businesses: sales, supply chain, product management and development, customer service, and more. This gave me a wider perspective on how to help enterprise customers and public organisations with any need they may have.

Also, living in different countries, such as the U.S., France, Belgium, and Mozambique, has taught me the importance of diversity and inclusion. I’m a big believer in inclusivity.

What attracted you to ServiceNow?


I’ve always been a big fan of ServiceNow. At a previous job, my team was one of the first in Finland to adopt ServiceNow solutions, so I was familiar with the platform and how innovative it is, as well as how ServiceNow treats its customers. When I was approached about this role, the decision to take it was an easy one.

I see so much potential for growth in the region. Finnish customers are facing many challenges. There’s a huge need for resilience and agility, which is exactly what we can help with.

Put simply, our customers need us. I’m honoured to take on this role and drive growth wherever I can—for our customers, for our partners and, naturally, for our team in Finland.

How has your experience been so far?


I’m still at the beginning of my ServiceNow journey, but I can say with absolute confidence that the onboarding process has been exceptional. The technology was streamlined, the process was logical and efficient, and it’s been really easy to understand exactly what I need to do and what my team needs from me.

It was great to see our own HR solutions in action too. I love that we use our own technology to improve our internal processes. I know exactly how we can help a customer streamline their onboarding process because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

Beyond the processes, the team has been great too. Everybody is professional, warm, and welcoming. ServiceNow clearly values its people. That’s reflected in the attitudes and values of those who work here.

How does ServiceNow serves its people?

I love how much ServiceNow respects different types of talent. There are many challenges facing the tech industry—from the digital skills gap to a lack of diversity to bias against women. ServiceNow is actively playing a role in addressing these issues.

From what I’ve seen, the company sets high expectations for how everyone is treated and has zero tolerance for bias. You’re judged on your value, not your gender or cultural background.

It’s encouraging to see that ServiceNow is helping to bridge the digital divide. Finland is considered quite tech savvy, but we’re still seeing customers struggle with this. Companies like ours can help. Also, I’d like to see more diverse talent introduced to the industry. Programmes such as RiseUp with ServiceNow can help achieve this.

What are the main challenges in Finland?

In Finland, we’re facing many of the same challenges as the rest of Europe: rising inflation, geopolitical turbulence, and global supply chain issues. We all need to be more efficient wherever we can. Digital transformation has never been so important for our customers.

We’re in a great position to help companies of all sizes across the region. I’m extremely excited to listen to our customers and learn exactly what they need from us—whether it’s scaling, growing, or learning more about automation and what it can do.

Right now, Finland’s public sector is experiencing a period of major change, with new social and healthcare districts having recently been introduced. It’s a challenging time for the sector, but it’s also a great opportunity to ramp up digital transformation. Organisations need to introduce more value and efficiency to their processes because there’s no other choice. This is where we can help.

What are your plans for the region?

As a team, we have big plans. We’re in a unique position to help our customers, specifically with some of the challenges I mentioned above. Whether it’s the public sector or commercial business, we can bring efficiency and agility on a wide scale.

But first, I will simply listen—to both our customers and my team. I’m working with an immensely talented group of people, so I’m excited to hear their ideas and figure out how we can work together to help organisations in the region.

I also want to make sure our customers know the full breadth of our services. I plan to have a lot of conversations to help ensure they’re taking advantage of all our amazing solutions.

It’s these kinds of small but important steps that will lay the groundwork for an amazing year—and lots of bigger steps to come.

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