Greg Kanevski

Greg Kanevski

Greg Kanevski, is the Global Head of Banking for ServiceNow serving as the company’s subject matter expert and leading the strategic plan for products within the Retail and Commercial Banking sector.

Prior to ServiceNow, Greg lead a centralized group of experienced professionals managing risk for a diverse number of business lines including Technology, Corporate Security and Data Management.  His team was accountable for the first line risk responsibilities including assurance, risk assessments, program governance & execution as well as quantification analysis. Prior to this role, Greg managed a team of more than 300 security and technical professionals with an annual budget of $40M and a capital budget of approximately $65M that were focused on identity, data management and infrastructure security.  Greg quickly earned respect by rebuilding the function in less than one year, as well as embarking on a modernization effort focused on an end-to-end integration & automation that reduced expenses. Prior to joining Citizens bank, Greg spent more than 20 years with Fidelity Investments holding a variety of leadership positions within the Operations, Risk, Security and Technology divisions.

Greg is widely regarded as results oriented, maximizing efficiency and effectively managing teams in intensely competitive environments. He has a track record of process redesign and organizational re-engineering with an exceptionally collaborative yet decisive management style. In addition, Greg has consistently built and led complex, highly-regulated, global programs.  He is a recognized senior leader with limitless energy who delivers exceptional results. 

Among his career milestones:

  • At two major corporations, Greg led a comprehensive security technology modernization effort through an “ecosystem” approach of tool consolidation and integration that transformed services and capabilities as well as led to long-term cost savings
  • Tasked with cutting costs companywide, directed the technology function through a major transformation effort, reducing real estate, professional services, compensation and strategic investments that lead to savings of $12M. Effort led to a new global personnel strategy and corporate strategic investment of $20M
  • Directed several efforts with goals to formulate and execute upon a data, reporting and analytics strategy; Efforts ranged from architecting the solution, to platform/tool selection, federation, and data analytics
  • Led an enterprise mandate to establish an innovation, research and benchmarking capability for emerging and advanced technologies to redefine a safe, secure and customer centric experience
  • Facing possible multimillion dollar regulatory related fines, Greg led an investigative effort by formulating and executing upon a multi-faceted approach that resulted in a remediation plan, ensuring compliance and preservation of the firm’s reputation
  • Greg led the Customer Protection Program (CPP) function at Fidelity, as well as the various administrative functions with teams comprised of over 350 professionals with an annual budget of $70M; Directed an effort forming a Global Investigations capability servicing company interests abroad
  • Due to a regulatory and risk environment that severely overwhelmed and existing global investment risk assessment capability where investment decisions generally exceeded $10M, Greg reduced headcount by 10% and greatly improved customer satisfaction despite a greater than 200% increase in volume

Greg has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield University and a MBA from Suffolk University. Greg and his wife Tara have two children. Both are actively involved with several charitable organizations including Autism Speaks of which Greg is a board member for the New England chapter.

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