Product Insights

  • manufacturing production: 2 workers in hard hats looking at a piece of machinery
    Protecting manufacturing production in turbulent times
    18 September 2023
  • Technology risk: fingers on a tablet screen graph
    Financial Services
    Accounting for technology risk
    12 September 2023
  • Frictionless banking: Bank teller helping customers
    Financial Services
    3 ways to cultivate frictionless banking experiences
    05 September 2023
  • The silent role of data in a strong ESG strategy
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    The silent role of data in a strong ESG strategy
    30 August 2023
  • Observability platform: 2 men looking at a device
    IT Management
    Q&A: The importance of an end-to-end observability platform
    29 August 2023
  • Teacher giving computer science lecture
    AI and Automation
    Generative AI in EMEA: How we align people, tech, and legislation
    22 August 2023
  • technology risk: smiling woman on couch holding a credit card, looking at a laptop
    Financial Services
    Why banks need to unify technology, risk, and security
    16 August 2023
  • Employee growth and development: 2 workers discussing what’s on a computer screen
    Employee Experience
    4 ways to master employee growth and development with AI
    15 August 2023
  • Connected ecosystem: group of businesspeople at a conference
    IT Management
    How a connected ecosystem can drive growth and lower costs
    10 August 2023
  • Customer journey mapping: 3 workers looking at papers
    Customer Experience
    Building a customer journey mapping programme
    09 August 2023
  • Overcoming operational challenges: woman holding marker talks to 3 co-workers
    AI and Automation
    4 ways CIOs can overcome critical operational challenges
    08 August 2023
  • Source-to-pay: group of workers with devices collaborating
    Employee Experience
    Source-to-Pay Operations: The key to cutting costs and boosting satisfaction
    02 August 2023
  • Generative AI trust: woman intently working at computer
    AI and Automation
    5 considerations for building generative AI trust
    27 July 2023
  • Infrastructure visibility: woman smiling at her open laptop
    IT Management
    6 steps to better infrastructure visibility
    25 July 2023
  • ESG reporting: businesswoman standing against an ivy-laced background looking out a window
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    Moving the needle on ESG reporting
    19 July 2023
  • Addressing ESG: ServiceNow and Accenture: Two workers standing in a field, with turbines behind them.
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    Addressing the ESG challenge with ServiceNow and Accenture
    22 June 2023
  • Citizen development governance: woman working on a laptop in her home
    Application Development
    Citizen development governance: 3 steps to success
    20 June 2023
  • Tech worker myths: young woman in glasses looking at a screen
    Busting 3 tech worker myths
    13 June 2023
  • Employee burnout: overworked woman in front of a computer with her face in her hand and eyes closed
    Employee Experience
    What is employee burnout and how can managers help?
    12 June 2023
  • Connected ecosystem: man in a coffee shop looking at a smartphone in front of an open laptop
    Customer Experience
    Transformation Done Wright: The connected ecosystem
    01 June 2023
  • Employee experience in healthcare: 3 healthcare workers walking down a corridor
    Why the UK&I must prioritise employee experience in healthcare
    25 May 2023
  • AI in knowledge management: Woman leading discussion in a conference room while workers look on
    AI and Automation
    The evolving role of AI in knowledge management
    23 May 2023
  • What is CX versus UX?
    Customer Experience
    What is CX versus UX?
    22 May 2023
  • Sustainability in banks: woman financial worker with a plant on her left in conversation with a couple of people
    Financial Services
    Sustainability in banks requires listening to workers and customers
    18 May 2023
  • Satisfying customer journeys: two women pulling suitcases through an airport
    Customer Experience
    Helping airlines create satisfying customer journeys
    17 May 2023
  • Customer journey stages: An essential guide
    Customer Experience
    Customer journey stages: An essential guide
    15 May 2023
  • Technology in higher education: Teacher in front of board at head of class
    The power of technology in higher education
    11 May 2023
  • Career shift: two women in conversation at a table in an office
    Automation is opportunity for a career shift into tech
    09 May 2023
  • Process mining: 3 workers in discussion over a conference table
    Now on Now
    Why process mining is a game changer for process optimisation
    02 May 2023
  • Supply chain resilience: 2 workers in hard hats looking at a laptop in front of shipping containers.
    Customer Experience
    Boosting supply chain resilience and supplier relations
    25 April 2023
  • Employee engagement: Male smiling at laptop
    Employee Experience
    Cultivating employee engagement for a better experience
    24 April 2023
  • AI in the contact centre: smiling male worker wearing headset in front of open laptop
    Customer Experience
    3 benefits of AI in the contact centre
    18 April 2023
  • Total experience for long-term success: 3 co-workers seated, smiling with a laptop
    Customer Experience
    Delivering total experience for long-term success
    17 April 2023
  • ERP workflows: 2 co-workers looking at and pointing to a laptop
    Employee Experience
    How prebuilt ERP workflows tame unruly source-to-pay operations
    11 April 2023
  • Skilled tech workers: female typing on laptop with feet on desk where two computer monitors display code
    The hidden key to finding skilled tech workers
    04 April 2023
  • AI-powered chatbots: A hand holds a mobile phone with an AI chatbot conversation displayed.
    AI and Automation
    New AI-powered chatbots heighten need for a service management platform
    28 March 2023
  • Intelligent digital platform: 2 workers in conversation over what appears on a tablet
    Now Platform
    Modern organisations need an intelligent digital platform
    23 March 2023
  • NHS Digital is collaborating with ServiceNow to transform healthcare and, in turn, millions of lives across the country.
    NHS England: Harnessing technology for better healthcare services
    21 March 2023
  • Customer loyalty: smiling woman behind a counter handling a customer's purchase transaction
    Customer Experience
    Driving long-term customer loyalty
    10 March 2023
  • Total experience: Group of co-workers gathered around table with open laptop
    Customer Experience
    Total experience: Today’s top business multiplier
    07 March 2023
  • Elevating telecom service delivery: telecom worker in hard hat working on wires
    Elevating telecom service delivery: A chat with industry experts
    28 February 2023
  • Cultivating-employee-efficiency: Man smiling working from laptop.
    Employee Experience
    How to boost employee efficiency in the new world of work
    14 February 2023
  • Manufacturing innovation: worker in hard hat looks at open laptop in front of robotic technology
    3 leaders weigh in on manufacturing innovation
    07 February 2023
  • Global Business Services: Three people looking at a laptop
    IT Management
    Boosting efficiency with global business services
    02 February 2023
  • Creating a holistic ESG program: A plant growing with the shadow showing as a tree
    Now on Now
    Creating a holistic ESG program one step at a time
    24 January 2023
  • Better IT services: woman in a kitchen smiling at a laptop in her hands
    IT Management
    A recipe for better IT services and happier teams
    17 January 2023
  • ServiceNow certification: From newbie to MVP - Rise Up
    5 reasons to consider ServiceNow training and certification
    10 January 2023
  • CIOs should evolve: man transitioning from schoolboy to graduate to businessman to business leader
    AI and Automation
    CIOs should evolve, not transform
    19 December 2022
  • Onboarding in banks: two people working from laptops
    Financial Services
    Successful customer onboarding in banks
    12 December 2022
  • Exec Connect ESG takeaways: Photo of welcome sign to event
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    Exec Connect: 5 key ESG takeaways from our latest roundtable
    07 December 2022
  • Service Graph Connector: overhead shot of workers collaborating
    IT Management
    Service Graph Connector brings open-source data to the workspace
    I’m excited to announce that the Service Graph Connector for OpenTelemetry is generally available for production. Discover the benefits.
  • Risk-readiness and organisational resilience: workers collaborating in a business meeting
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    Survey: Risk-readiness leads to organisational resilience
    Organisational resilience mitigates risk, according to research by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab. Find out how to get on the road to risk-readiness.
  • Forrester Wave Leader 2023: Low-Code Development Platforms for Professional Developers
    Application Development
    ServiceNow recognised as a Leader in low-code innovation
    ServiceNow is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms for Professional Developers. We believe this validates our low-code innovation.

Trends & Research

  • The Year of Infinite Innovation
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    The Year of Infinite Innovation
  • Employee Experience Research: Resilience and flexibility will lead to post-COVID opportunity
    Employee Experience
    Employee Experience Research: Resilience and flexibility will lead to post-COVID opportunity
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