AI and Automation

  • Teacher giving computer science lecture
    AI and Automation
    Generative AI in EMEA: How we align people, tech, and legislation
    22 August 2023
  • Overcoming operational challenges: woman holding marker talks to 3 co-workers
    AI and Automation
    4 ways CIOs can overcome critical operational challenges
    08 August 2023
  • Generative AI trust: woman intently working at computer
    AI and Automation
    5 considerations for building generative AI trust
    27 July 2023
  • Generative AI self-service: smiling man working on a laptop
    AI and Automation
    ServiceNow extends generative AI to self-service experiences
    21 June 2023
  • AI in knowledge management: Woman leading discussion in a conference room while workers look on
    AI and Automation
    The evolving role of AI in knowledge management
    23 May 2023
  • AI-powered chatbots: A hand holds a mobile phone with an AI chatbot conversation displayed.
    AI and Automation
    New AI-powered chatbots heighten need for a service management platform
    28 March 2023
  • Digital innovation: three workers looking at a computer monitor.
    AI and Automation
    Survey says digital innovation is the way to navigate macro uncertainty
    14 March 2023
  • CIOs should evolve: man transitioning from schoolboy to graduate to businessman to business leader
    AI and Automation
    CIOs should evolve, not transform
    19 December 2022
  • Hyperautomation: group of workers gathered around a conference room table
    AI and Automation
    Why hyperautomation is a crucial part of the next generation operating model
    19 October 2022
  • Co-opetition: 4 workers gathered around conference room table
    AI and Automation
    Why co-opetition is the key to solving future global challenges
    18 October 2022
  • Man sitting on bench with computer
    AI and Automation
    When you’re immersed in technology, it’s vital to maintain a human touch
    16 May 2022
  • Man sitting on bench with computer
    AI and Automation
    AI-Powered Service Operations: Are you in control of your operations?
    01 April 2022
  • Business people meeting at conference table.
    AI and Automation
    Unlocking productivity and efficiency with innovative workplace technology
    14 December 2021
  • Outstanding customer experience: Lady serving a customer in a shop
    Customer Experience
    UK and Ireland: 4 tips for an outstanding customer experience
    In a landscape of rising inflation, buyer scepticism, and growing consumer power, delivering outstanding customer experience is complex. Get tips.
  • Service Graph Connector: overhead shot of workers collaborating
    IT Management
    Service Graph Connector brings open-source data to the workspace
    I’m excited to announce that the Service Graph Connector for OpenTelemetry is generally available for production. Discover the benefits.
  • Risk-readiness and organisational resilience: workers collaborating in a business meeting
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    Survey: Risk-readiness leads to organisational resilience
    Organisational resilience mitigates risk, according to research by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab. Find out how to get on the road to risk-readiness.

Trends & Research

  • The Year of Infinite Innovation
    Cybersecurity and Risk
    The Year of Infinite Innovation
  • Employee Experience Research: Resilience and flexibility will lead to post-COVID opportunity
    Employee Experience
    Employee Experience Research: Resilience and flexibility will lead to post-COVID opportunity
Productivity depends on people