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Tata Communications uses CSM on the Now Platform
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Tata Communications uses CSM to help businesses meet digital economy challenges

Extend visibility

Responsive, transparent incident resolution services to customers


Correlates events and services between networks and solutions


View of service data to customers and employees

Tata Communications provides customized network solutions for customers in key markets—including manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, financial services and insurance, and media and entertainment—offering customers speed, quality, and unparalleled network reach. Backing by productive digital technologies is the key to delivering the best service to customers and internal employees. With ServiceNow, Tata Communications has a platform with near 100% availability, which delights customers.

Tata Communications is a digital economy leader
Tata Communications is a global company with its roots in emerging markets. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and is part of the US$103.3 billion Tata Group.

Tata Communications generates US$2.9 billion in annual revenue with 77% generated outside India. The business is the world’s largest wholesale voice carrier, transporting 53 billion minutes of wholesale voice traffic per annum— the equivalent of one in 10 voice calls globally.

The business also operates the world’s largest wholly owned submarine fibre network, and when measured by internet routes, is the only tier one provider in the top five providers within five continents.

As a key enabler of information and communication technologies to global enterprises, Tata Communications has led from the front by ensuring a robust digital ecosystem that is equipped for the future. And it has the infrastructure that can cope with customers’ demands of intelligence, scalability, and flexibility.

The Tata Communications services portfolio includes predictable high-speed connections and global MPLS virtual private networks, telepresence services, DDoS mitigation and detection service, content delivery networks, and cloud offerings.

Tata Communications provides customised network solutions for customers in key markets—including verticals like manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, financial services and insurance, and media and entertainment—offering customers speed, quality, and unparalleled network reach.

Ensuring the company is supported by productive digital technologies is key to delivering the best service to customers and internal employees.

Tata Communications wants to become proactive and predictive
A key challenge for the team was to become more proactive and predictive in its customer service during breakages and other incidents involving the Tata Communications global, capital-intensive networks.

The need to confront and overcome this challenge grew daily. With Tata Communications customers increasingly dependent on the digital economy, outages or degraded network performance impacted revenue significantly. For new digital-only businesses, high network availability and strong performance was integral to their success.

As its initial goal, the team wanted to give customers the same event and remediation visibility that the Tata Communications business and technical teams enjoy. Ultimately, the team wanted to mitigate the impact of incidents to the point of delivering near-100% availability to customers.

Tata Communications selects ServiceNow
Following an intensive review process, the team selected ServiceNow Customer Service Management to deliver the first stage of a project that will eventually drive automation and further efficiencies throughout the broader Tata Communications business.

The deployment was completed in 90 days with a small team using minimal customisation, and the business is comforted by the fact that implementing additional functionality will not require a steep learning curve.

Tata Communications
Tata Communications
Tata Communications
Mumbai, India and Singapore

Tata Communications chose ServiceNow because it wanted to work with a company that was at the forefront of technology, that it could partner with, and that had the flexibility and agility to provide the services and tools that met the organisation’s needs.

The other tools the business looked at required extensive customisation and the team wanted an off-the-shelf, cloud-based, software as a service, 100% digital solution.

ServiceNow helps Tata Communications deliver automated, responsive services
Deploying ServiceNow Customer Service Management has enabled Tata Communications to provide responsive, transparent incident resolution services to customers. Next, the business plans to deploy machine learning to correlate events and services among different networks and different solutions. Furthermore, a ServiceNow-based app and portal will provide a 360-degree view of service data to customers and employees.

Tata Communications sees ServiceNow as a genuine partner
Tata Communications aims to work closely with ServiceNow as a genuine partner to execute its digital strategies so the organisation can help ensure that automation brings operational efficiencies in areas such as field force and the completion of some highly repeatable tasks. The business looks forward to having the ServiceNow roadmap integrate with the Tata Communications roadmap to fulfil its digitisation needs.

The business plans to extend the use of ServiceNow Customer Service Management to other business units, while it deploys the ServiceNow® IT Service Management and ServiceNow® Field Service Management modules to support its customer and IT service transformation initiatives. Tata Communications has now established a platform to deliver “100% availability and customer delight.” It realises this end state is definitely possible if Tata Communications can provide proactive and predictable support and services to customers using ServiceNow.

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