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Using Debug Upgrade

Leverage the power of the Now Platform® Debug Upgrade feature to quickly diagnose regression test failures after your upgrades

Quick Facts

Certification: No

Duration: On-demand



Identifying the cause of unexpected regression test results rapidly and efficiently requires a laser focus on what changed. That is where Debug Upgrade can help get your upgrade back on track fast. This short video shows you how Debug Upgrade pinpoints the relevant business logic for a specific transaction that might have caused a variance with your expected functionality. For a given transaction, Debug Upgrade identifies what important business logic was either customized by you or modified by the new ServiceNow release. That saves you a lot of time hunting around for what might have changed unexpectedly.

This self‑paced course will guide you through the review of upgrade skipped records from start to finish. There will be lots of hands‑on practice through a variety of activities. This course enables you to:

  • Accurately apply ServiceNow best practices when reviewing skipped records during an upgrade
  • Recognise how to manage upgrade risk by prioritising the review of certain skipped records
  • Identify tips and techniques to speed up the review of skipped records in your current and future upgrades

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for system administrators, implementors, and application developers supporting ServiceNow upgrades.



Class Schedule

This course is on‑demand. You can take it at any time.

How to Attend

To register for class:

  • Customers can use the follow link to access the Learning Portal
  • Customers with OKTA/SSO login can access the Learning Portal directly to self‑register
  • Customers with no account can easily create an account
  • Cancellation and rescheduling policies apply (see Terms and Conditions)