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ServiceNow Trademark and Copyright Guidelines

ServiceNow’s trademarks and copyrighted works are among the company’s most important assets and ServiceNow takes the protection of these assets very seriously. To protect consumers and to maintain the goodwill that ServiceNow has developed in the marketplace, ServiceNow requires that its trademarks and copyrighted works be used properly in all contexts. These ServiceNow Trademark and Copyright Guidelines (“Guidelines”) reflect the established rights of ServiceNow, Inc. (“we,” “us,” “our”) with respect to trademarks and copyrighted works, and are intended for ServiceNow’s partners, customers, developers, consultants, publishers and any third party wishing to use any trademark or copyright owned by, or potentially conflicting with the rights of, ServiceNow in any promotional, commercial, educational or reference material. ServiceNow’s trademarks include its brand names, taglines, designs and logos (“ServiceNow Trademarks”). ServiceNow’s copyrighted works include its computer code, documentation, logos, website designs and content, graphics, recorded materials, videos and other commercial, promotional, educational or reference materials (“ServiceNow Copyrighted Works”). These Guidelines apply to all uses of ServiceNow Trademarks and ServiceNow Copyrighted Works. We request that you carefully review these Guidelines before using any ServiceNow Trademark or ServiceNow Copyrighted Work or other ServiceNow asset protectable under trademark or copyright law.

Unless we grant written permission in a licence agreement, or describe a permitted use herein, you may not use any of the ServiceNow Trademarks or ServiceNow Copyrighted Works. We retain the right to modify or revoke such permission at any time and at our sole discretion except as otherwise provided in a separate licence agreement. If you have received an express licence from ServiceNow to use certain ServiceNow Trademarks or ServiceNow Copyrighted Works, your use must conform to these Guidelines in addition to the other requirements of your licence.

If you have any questions about use of a specific ServiceNow Trademark or ServiceNow Copyrighted Work, or would like further information regarding these Guidelines, please contact us at

Permissible Uses of ServiceNow Trademarks

References in Text Form to ServiceNow Products and Services

You are permitted to use ServiceNow Trademarks in word form only (but not logos, taglines or icons) to identify ServiceNow products or services and to accurately describe how your product or service relates to a ServiceNow product or service, strictly as each mark appears in the list of Current ServiceNow Trademarks, including the corresponding symbol (® or ™), and subject to the rules regarding proper and prohibited uses provided in these Guidelines. Any reference must be truthful, fair and not misleading as to ServiceNow’s affiliation with, sponsorship of, or endorsement of your company, and must accurately describe how your products or services relate to those of ServiceNow. You may not use a ServiceNow Trademark to directly advertise your products or services and it must be clear that your products and services are not offered by ServiceNow.

ServiceNow product names must be capitalised and include the name “ServiceNow” (with the ® symbol if the first reference to ServiceNow) immediately before the first use of the product name (e.g., ServiceNow® Performance Analytics). Subsequent to this initial use, the ServiceNow name need not appear with the product name.

Developers of applications and integrations on the ServiceNow platform may use the ServiceNow Trademarks in word form only to reference the compatibility of an integration, application or plug‑in with the ServiceNow platform, if it does in fact function as described. In addition to the other requirements described herein, notice must be made in a referential manner, such as “for use with,” “for,” or “compatible with” ServiceNow services. For example: “[Your Product Name], for use with ServiceNow® Performance Analytics.” If your company has received a certification from ServiceNow for an application or integration developed on the ServiceNow platform, then you may report such certification and use a certification logo solely in relation to the certified application and not for your company generally, subject to your applicable trademark licence from ServiceNow for use of the certification logo.

Trade Name

ServiceNow, Inc. is a company/trade name. You are permitted to reference ServiceNow, Inc. as a company in written materials by first using the full trade name with the incorporated designation (i.e., “ServiceNow, Inc.”), followed by ServiceNow (omitting the “Inc.” designation) in subsequent references in the same publication. When referring to ServiceNow as a company, do not use the ® symbol with “ServiceNow.”

Licensed Use of ServiceNow Trademarks and ServiceNow Copyrighted Works

Licensed Use of ServiceNow Logos and Taglines

ServiceNow logos and taglines may only be used under express licence or other written contractual permission. You may qualify for use of certain logos under the programmes offered through partnership with ServiceNow. Use of logos under these limited circumstances must not deviate from the form and extent of permission granted to you by an approval or licence and must comply with any corresponding logo guidelines provided by ServiceNow.

To request to use a ServiceNow logo or tagline, please send a message to ServiceNow will evaluate the request and may contact you for additional information. If approval is granted, you will be sent a written authorisation to use the logo or tagline, electronic artwork (if applicable), as well as any supplemental guidelines that may apply to your proposed use.

Licensed Use of ServiceNow Copyrighted Works

ServiceNow Copyrighted Works may only be used under express licence or other written contractual permission. To request a licence to use computer code, documentation, logos, website designs and content, graphics, recorded materials, videos, or other commercial, promotional, educational or reference materials, please contact ServiceNow at

Proper Use of Trademarks

Function and Grammar of Trademarks

Functionally, a mark identifies the source of a particular brand of a product or service and tells a consumer something about that product or service. For instance, “ServiceNow software” tells consumers the source of the service and the expected quality from that service.

Grammatically, a mark is a proper adjective that modifies the generic product or service name (a noun). A mark is not a noun – it is not the name of the product or service. A proper adjective, like a proper noun, is entitled to an initial capital letter.

Use ServiceNow Trademarks with Nouns, Not as Nouns (or other parts of speech)

ServiceNow Trademarks (as proper adjectives) should always be accompanied by a generic, lowercase term (a noun) that identifies the product or service with which the mark is associated. In practice, it is ideal to always pair ServiceNow Trademarks with nouns when referenced in materials, but at minimum, it should be done the first time the mark appears prominently on each page.

CreateNow® programme, suite
CreatorCon® conference, event
Knowledge® conference, event
Now® service, software
Now Platform® application, product
NowForum® conference, event
PartnerNow® programme
ServiceNow® software, technology

ServiceNow Trademarks may never be used in plural or possessive form and may never be used as a noun or verb.

Examples of Permitted Uses
  • Use the ServiceNow® platform to modernise your IT service management.
  • ·The past two CreatorCon® events resulted in innovative app development.
  • The Knowledge® conference turnout was impressive.
  • We used the QuickStart™ methodology for our IT implementation, and workflow has improved.
  • Use ServiceNow to modernise your IT service management.
  • The past two CreatorCons resulted in innovative app development.
  • Knowledge’s turnout was impressive.
  • We QuickStarted our IT implementation, and workflow has improved.

Use ServiceNow Trademarks in their Proper Form and Style

ServiceNow Trademarks must be used with the exact capitalisation and spacing shown in the list of Current ServiceNow Trademarks. The first letter in each word of a ServiceNow Trademark should always be capitalised.

Examples of Permitted Uses
  • ServiceNow® software
  • PartnerNow® programme
  • QuickStart™ methodology
  • ServiceNow® software
  • PartnerNow® programme
  • Quick Start™ methodology

Trademark Symbols

ServiceNow Trademarks should be used with the proper notice symbol (® or TM), as shown in the list of Current ServiceNow Trademarks. In practice, the first or most prominent reference to a ServiceNow trademark in a document, publication, website or elsewhere must bear a notice symbol. Subsequent references to the mark may omit the notice symbol.

Attribution Language

When referencing the ServiceNow Trademarks or ServiceNow Copyrighted Works in a website, publication or other materials, domestically or internationally, you must reproduce the appropriate attribution language at the end of this section. This language must appear at the bottom of the first page on which you use a ServiceNow Trademark or ServiceNow Copyrighted Work. You may not remove any trademark or copyright notices from any ServiceNow Copyrighted Works except with an express licence to do so from ServiceNow.

For ServiceNow Trademarks: ServiceNow, the ServiceNow logo, Now, and other ServiceNow marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of ServiceNow, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

For ServiceNow Copyrighted Works: © [year of publication] ServiceNow, Inc. All rights reserved. (e.g., © 2018 ServiceNow, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Impermissible Uses of ServiceNow Trademarks and ServiceNow Copyrighted Works

Alteration and Dilution

  • Do not abbreviate, adapt, alter, modify, translate, or animate any ServiceNow Trademarks (for example, do not abbreviate ServiceNow to “SN” or “SNOW”), nor use them in a plural or modified form.
  • Do not alter the spelling or capitalisation of ServiceNow Trademarks (for example, do not use “Servicenow”).
  • Do not use names commonly associated with the ServiceNow platform, such as “Glide.”
  • Do not combine any ServiceNow Trademarks with any letters, numbers, words, designs, or logos.
  • Do not alter any logo or stylised mark with respect to colour, font, proportion, or any other design element.
  • Do not use ServiceNow Trademarks in a manner that dilutes, tarnishes or otherwise conflicts with ServiceNow’s ability to use and/or enforce its trademarks, even if such use is under licence.


Your company (or any other company) name, product names, service names, event names, logos, designs, other trademarks, publications, domain names, email addresses, social media handles and identifiers, and branding materials MUST NOT:

  • Incorporate any ServiceNow Trademark, logo, design, or other trademark (or any portion thereof), or any alteration, nickname, or abbreviation of a ServiceNow Trademark such as SN or SNOW;
  • Be confusingly similar to any ServiceNow Trademark, including any misspelling, phonetic equivalent, abbreviation, foreign language translation, or word that rhymes with or sounds like any ServiceNow Trademark—for example, use of a brand or name that appears to be part of ServiceNow’s family of NOW marks;
  • Copy or imitate the trade dress used by ServiceNow in whole or in part, including the visual design of the ServiceNow branding and marketing collateral, the look and feel of the ServiceNow services, portal, or web properties, colour combinations, typography, formatting, graphic design, or imagery associated with ServiceNow’s products, services, publications, or branding (for example, the colours and design of the collection of ServiceNow platform applications in a cloud shape);
  • Directly or indirectly express or imply ServiceNow sponsorship, affiliation, partnership, certification, approval, or endorsement in relation to your product or service, or use any ServiceNow Trademark, trade name, or portion thereof in such a manner that it appears or implies that ServiceNow is associated with your company except as expressly provided in a license agreement;
  • Directly or indirectly express or imply that ServiceNow created, supports, utilises, or endorses your product or service, including any reference to elements of the ServiceNow platform such as uses of NOW, Glide, or ServiceNow logos;
  • Display the ServiceNow Trademarks without your own mark also present or otherwise make the ServiceNow Trademarks the visual focal point of your materials, nor display them more prominently or larger than your own marks and designs; or
  • Crowd the ServiceNow Trademarks with other designs, marks, or trade names such that they are not clearly recognisable and distinguishable.

Disparaging or Misleading Use

  • Do not use ServiceNow’s Trademarks in a manner, context, or location that is disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to ServiceNow, its products and services, or any person or entity.
  • Do not make deceptive, inaccurate, or misleading references to ServiceNow Trademarks.
  • Do not display ServiceNow Trademarks in connection with any publication, website, or materials that are obscene, pornographic, violent, disparaging, in poor taste, unlawful, intended to encourage unlawful activities, or intended to encourage the breach of any subscription agreement or security measure of ServiceNow.

Web Use

Except with the express written permission of ServiceNow, which permission may be withdrawn if you violate these guidelines or any supplementary guidelines that may apply:

  • You may not use a ServiceNow Trademark or any word or phrase similar to a ServiceNow Trademark in any domain name or as meta tags or hidden text in any website.
  • You may not purchase or use any ServiceNow Trademark in or as a domain name, tagline, ad word, or advertising keyword with any search engine, social media forum, or other online venue.

General Nature of These Guidelines

These Guidelines are general in nature and not intended to be an exhaustive list of ServiceNow’s trademark and copyright rights. ServiceNow, Inc. reserves all rights in its trademark, service mark and copyright assets, including rights not expressly reflected herein. The goodwill derived from any use of a ServiceNow Trademark inures solely to ServiceNow’s benefit.

If you have a business relationship with ServiceNow, you may have received additional guidelines outlining prohibited and permitted uses of ServiceNow Trademarks and ServiceNow Copyrighted Works, including detailed written graphical requirements. Any additional guidelines are supplemental to and do not replace these Guidelines.

ServiceNow, Inc. may update these Guidelines from time to time. Please refer to these Guidelines and any supplemental guidelines before publishing your use of any ServiceNow Trademark or ServiceNow Copyrighted Work to ensure compliance.

You must comply with a ServiceNow request to correct, remedy, or discontinue any use of a ServiceNow Trademark or ServiceNow Copyrighted Work that is determined by ServiceNow to be improper under these Guidelines.

Current ServiceNow Trademarks

SERVICENOW® ServiceNow logo
ServiceNow logo

NOW® Now logo
Now logo
CREATORCON® CreatorCon logo
KNOWLEDGE® Knowledge logo
PARLO™ Parlo logo
SKYGIRAFFE® SkyGiraffe logo
VENDORHAWK® VendorHawk logo
WORKS FOR YOU™ Workflow logo