Hyperautomation & low code

The organizational structure of low-code development

Business-unit leaders and IT professionals both have critical roles to play in bringing low-code projects to life. Here’s how they work together.

Piecing together total experience

CX and EX got better in the pandemic. Bring them together to make your business better prepared for a downturn.

How tech will impact the world of work in 2023

Technology can help organizations through uncertain times. Here are five trends to watch.
clouds and sun

How to turn economic adversity into strategic advantage

In four crucial areas, we’ve asked influential thinkers to share their playbook for navigating economic tumult

​​Insights to help HR leaders navigate uncertainty in 2023

Tumultuous times provide a unique opportunity to make work better for people. Here's how to seize it.
Workflow Quarterly

Unleashing Digital Value

A playbook for business leaders

Top takeaways from Davos

ServiceNow CFO Gina Mastantuono shares her insights from the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting

Understanding your organization’s security posture

How the enterprise can mitigate exposure and risk

​​What is digital customer experience?

As consumers spend more time online, every touchpoint with a company should provide a good experience and leave customers feeling better about the brand.

Top leadership priorities in 2023

In a challenging economy, business leaders need to move decisively to take care of the basics and drive ROI, say executives from JCPenney, Friendly’s, and others
Circle chart next to three animated silhouettes with the characteristics of innovation written in the background

The characteristics of innovation

New research shows how leading organizations develop a culture of innovation
Mother shopping with baby in retail store

Rethinking retail

All businesses are complex ecosystems—retail more than most
A pair of hands in black and white grasping colorful floating cubes

The low-code innovators

Engineers aren’t the only ones creating sophisticated apps. Meet four citizen developers whose handiwork has made a difference.
Four miniature construction worker figurines placed on top of a calendar

Welcome to the (shorter) working week

The 4-day workweek is gaining traction, though it’s not for everyone
Graphic design image representing the hybrid work model for three industries: healthcare, manufacturing, and retail

Even jobs that require in-person work are going hybrid—albeit slowly

Manufacturing, retail, and healthcare are among the industries where adoption of hybrid work models has been slowest. That won’t be true forever.
Headshot of ServiceNow's Nicolas Chapados, who is responsible for multiple AI breakthroughs

Meet your AI work buddy

Researcher Nicolas Chapados explains how recent AI breakthroughs could change organizations forever
Graphic of a male employee on a computer screen next to a green outline of the steps included in employee journey mapping

Mapping the hybrid employee journey

A tool from pre-pandemic times can help create a culture and employee experience to meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce
Graphic of a crowd of people standing in the shape of a fingerprint to signify the digital value chain

Securing the digital value chain

New business models often create new vulnerabilities