Our latest operation optimization survey reveals how global executives are automating processes.

The race to optimize business

Our latest optimization survey reveals how global executives are automating business processes and increasing productivity
Learn how supply chain digitization can help manufacturers meet logistics challenges.


How manufacturers can better digitize their supply chains

Industry experts weigh in on solutions to an urgent global problem
Learn the 5 steps to building a world-class voice of the customer program to improve CX.


How to be a customer-experience ninja

Five steps to building a world-class listening program that guides business decisions

How to workflow your ESG program

Advice and strategies to accelerate your progress for impact and long-term value

Learn more

In this crash course, you’ll learn strategies to support a successful digital ESG program.

Crash Course

Getting started with digital ESG

Strategies and guidelines to support successful environmental, social, and governance programs
Workflow Quarterly Resilience Issue

Workflow Quarterly

The Resilience Issue

How your business can adapt and thrive in times of crisis
2022 trends


Workplace tech predictions for 2022

Enterprise leaders identify top trends shaping the new world of work
Learn how to create a customer journey map with our proven six-step to improve customer experience.


Building a customer journey mapping program

A proven six-step process can help your organization understand, design, and improve customer experience
Learn how to identify use cases and choose the best approach with AI for enterprise applications.


3 use cases for enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence can turbocharge your organization if you put it to work on the right problems
enterprise AI use case


Enterprise AI and the ‘valley of death’

How companies can translate cutting-edge research into practical business tools
Learn the 8 key ways enterprise AI business applications have evolved over the last 5 decades.


8 key moments in the evolution of enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence through the decades
Learn how to create work policies that work for everyone in the new world of work.


Work will never be the same

Steve Cadigan, former LinkedIn CHRO, says COVID changed the dynamic between employer and employee forever
Putting the right AI technology guardrails in place can help drive better business outcomes.


The business case for AI governance

The right guardrails can improve AI performance and boost the bottom line


AI needs to show its work

Explainability is a business necessity and can help forestall regulation


The man in search of human-level AI

An exclusive interview with Turing Award-winning researcher Yoshua Bengio
Success stories from organizations that have adapted to a fast-changing digital business landscape.


Lessons from indomitable women

Iconic women leaders describe how they overcame challenges ranging from civil war to gender bias and pandemic stress
Corporations are now directly driving the latest surge in impact investing to help address inequity.


An impact fund gets ‘off the sidelines’

​​ServiceNow’s $100 million fund earns competitive returns by investing in minority-owned businesses
Learn key facts and numbers that size up low-code software development demand, adoption, and growth.


Low code by the numbers

The state of low code demand, adoption, and growth