Change management leadership lessons and examples
Crash Course

Leadership lessons for the digital enterprise

The shift to digital operating models requires intensive change management. Here’s what leaders need to know.

Equity in the workplace begins with equity at home

Hard-won lessons from a CFO who is challenging conventions and living her dream
why esg matters to companies

Survey says: ESG is good for business

New research suggests companies can advance sustainability and social justice goals without sacrificing financial performance

Cybersecurity needs AI

AI holds incredible promise, yet also creates new security challenges. But could AI-enabled cybersecurity be the solution?
digital accessibility

Make space for all: Digital accessibility benefits everyone

If you want to build market share, make sure your app—and your organization—works for everyone
Workflow Quarterly

Reframing ESG

The business case for doing good
ESG progress

Are you on track to meet your ESG goals?

Benchmark your progress against 1,000 global C-suite leaders
healthcare cybersecurity

Securing hospitals against cyberattack

The healthcare industry is a soft target for nation-state and terrorist hacking groups. Waiting for the next attack is not the answer.

The long road to low code

Low-code tools democratize software development, a trend that dates back to the dawn of computing
Investing in cybersecurity solutions ahead of the breach can be a hard sell for organizations.

Companies are playing catch-up on cybersecurity

For many organizations, investing ahead of the breach is a hard sell

Hiring the neurodiverse

Businesses in need of tech talent have overlooked a fifth of humanity
Take our cyber threat assessment to rank your preparedness against 1,200 cybersecurity execs.

Are you ready for the new era of cyberthreats?

Benchmark your preparedness against 1,200 security leaders worldwide
cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity risk in 5 stats

Security breaches and budgets are both on the rise, according to new research
Learn how automation can help solve the top 13 cyber risk challenges organizations are facing.

The future of security is automated

There aren’t enough security analysts in the universe to manage a rising tide of threats. Automation can help.
esg goals

ESG strategy: How to get your board on board

A conversation with NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business director and professor Tensie Whelan
esg reporting

Framework frenzy

ESG reporting is a hot mess of overlapping frameworks and standards. Thankfully, help is on the way.
Companies unwilling to report climate impacts based on new ESG regulation could be left behind.

Accounting for emissions

Companies unwilling to report climate impacts could be left behind, says KPMG’s climate leader
Improve customer experience with a digital platform that promotes proactive communications.

Making the shift from reactive to proactive customer experience

Rogers Communications VP Scott Thomson on how a digital platform sparked a turnaround with customer experience and organizational culture