Learn how pandemic-fueled investments have transformed public sector IT.

How the pandemic transformed public sector IT

A conversation with ServiceNow’s Bob Osborn
With advanced hard and soft skills in short supply, companies are looking for ways to staff smart factories.


Wanted: Digital skills for smart factories

With digital skills in short supply, companies are looking for innovative ways to staff the factories of the future


The business case for ESG

Enterprise sustainability and governance by the numbers

How to workflow your ESG program

Advice and strategies to accelerate your progress for impact and long-term value

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Learn how to start investing in low code development tools and strategies for your company.

Crash Course

Low-code development: How (and why) to get started

Strategies for putting low code to work in your organization
Workflow Quarterly Resilience Issue

Workflow Quarterly

The Resilience Issue

How your business can adapt and thrive in times of crisis
IoT data represents a powerful new source of information to guide digital transformation efforts.


The promise of IoT’s last mile

With trillions of dollars in the balance, the technology’s promise needs to match expectations
Health programs that use digital platforms to manage the patient experience improve outcomes.


The new patient experience must include digital tools

Digitally managed clinical care may improve outcomes and lower costs for patients with chronic conditions
Learn the 9 steps to implement data privacy by design into your organization.


Organizations need ‘privacy by design’

In today’s world, privacy safeguards must be baked into every process and product
CIOs are figuring out how to boost organizational resilience by filling gaps in IT infrastructure.


COVID-tested CIOs focus on resilience

The pandemic revealed gaps in business IT infrastructure that CIOs are eager to fill
The digital revolution is pushing companies to replace siloed structures with digital operating models.


Why you need a digital operating model

In the new world of work, success depends on information, convenience, and exclusivity


The evolution of innovation

Innovation is more than cutting-edge tech and slick design—it’s about finding solutions to the world’s problems


Why resilience matters

In a world where disruption occurs suddenly and cascades unpredictably, companies need resilience more than ever
Fast-tracking your ESG strategy is a 2021 financial and strategic imperative for businesses.


Why it’s time to fast-track your ESG strategy

Setting sustainability and governance goals is no longer a feel-good exercise—it’s a financial and strategic imperative
Take our business resilience assessment to rank your progress against 1,080 other C-suite leaders.


How resilient is your organization?

Rank your progress against 1,080 other C-suite leaders
digital personal assistants


From chatbots to digital personal assistants

DPAs will transform organizations, freeing employees from time-consuming admin work


Los Angeles CIO Ted Ross on the power of people-centered tech

How the pandemic helped city leaders in America’s second-largest metro raise their digital IQ
Learn what higher education institutions can do to improve remote learning for students.


Remote learning needs a better ‘customer experience’

The pivot to virtual instruction hasn’t worked for all students. Here’s what higher education institutions can do to improve.