The man in search of human-level AI

An exclusive interview with Turing Award-winning researcher Yoshua Bengio


AI needs to show its work

Explainability is a business necessity and can help forestall regulation
Success stories from organizations that have adapted to a fast-changing digital business landscape.


Lessons from indomitable women

Iconic women leaders describe how they overcame challenges ranging from civil war to gender bias and pandemic stress

How to workflow your ESG program

Advice and strategies to accelerate your progress for impact and long-term value

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Learn key facts and numbers that size up low-code software development demand, adoption, and growth.


Low code by the numbers

The state of low code demand, adoption, and growth
Workflow Quarterly Resilience Issue

Workflow Quarterly

The Resilience Issue

How your business can adapt and thrive in times of crisis
Corporations are now directly driving the latest surge in impact investing to help address inequity.


An impact fund gets ‘off the sidelines’

​​ServiceNow’s $100 million fund earns competitive returns by investing in minority-owned businesses
Companies need thoughtful solutions to reduce the impact of hybrid work on gender inequality


The impact of hybrid work on gender equality

Remote work challenges can impact women disproportionately. Companies need thoughtful solutions.
A scholar explains what organizations can learn from rebel groups about building resilience.


Building resilience during global crises

What armed rebel groups can teach the C-suite
Learn the top ways to get started boosting your organizational resilience.


Two ways to boost organizational resilience

Flatten hierarchies and hire specialists to make your company flexible
With advanced hard and soft skills in short supply, companies are looking for ways to staff smart factories.


Wanted: Digital skills for smart factories

With digital skills in short supply, companies are looking for innovative ways to staff the factories of the future


The business case for ESG

Enterprise sustainability and governance by the numbers
IoT data represents a powerful new source of information to guide digital transformation efforts.


The promise of IoT’s last mile

With trillions of dollars in the balance, the technology’s promise needs to match expectations
Learn how pandemic-fueled investments have transformed public sector IT.


How the pandemic transformed public sector IT

A conversation with ServiceNow’s Bob Osborn
Health programs that use digital platforms to manage the patient experience improve outcomes.


The new patient experience must include digital tools

Digitally managed clinical care may improve outcomes and lower costs for patients with chronic conditions
Learn the 9 steps to implement data privacy by design into your organization.


Organizations need ‘privacy by design’

In today’s world, privacy safeguards must be baked into every process and product
CIOs are figuring out how to boost organizational resilience by filling gaps in IT infrastructure.


COVID-tested CIOs focus on resilience

The pandemic revealed gaps in business IT infrastructure that CIOs are eager to fill
The digital revolution is pushing companies to replace siloed structures with digital operating models.


Why you need a digital operating model

In the new world of work, success depends on information, convenience, and exclusivity