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software business is every business

Software is the business

Digital tech now mediates every aspect of operating and scaling a modern company.
The digital revolution is pushing companies to replace siloed structures with digital operating models.

Why you need a digital operating model

In the new world of work, success depends on information, convenience, and exclusivity
digital personal assistants

From chatbots to digital personal assistants

DPAs will transform organizations, freeing employees from time-consuming admin work
Citizen developers can help drive innovation and productivity by creating low-code platforms.

Democratizing code

Low-code tools empower citizen developers and enable innovation at scale
Applying the principles of consumer app design to enterprise software creates modern experiences.

Employees need race cars, not stagecoaches

If we want modern app experiences at work, we need a fresh approach to building them

A new finish line for AI in organizations

AI-powered analytics is all about connecting insights to actions, quickly and at scale

COVID-19 won’t be our last crisis

How IT leaders can prepare for the next big one

Prepare for the next normal

The pandemic will end, but work will never be the same
Transform to a digital business model now

How CIOs can unlock value now

An IT agenda for the COVID-19 era and beyond
enterprise mobile apps

Employee experience 2.0

Why every enterprise needs to be mobile-first

3 priorities for modern CIOs

Chief information officers are playing a more strategic role in the modern enterprise, according to new research from ServiceNow
build a digital foundation

Build your digital foundation

Need more resources to spend on innovation and growth? Start by digitizing internal workflows
digital transformation strategy

How digital are you?

Successful digital transformation strategies start with an evaluation process that targets your pain points
Humans in the age of digital transformation

Digital transformation starts with culture change

If you want better business outcomes, invest in great experiences for employees and customers