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AI-powered conversational analytics

​​AI joins the conversation

New AI-powered language tools can listen in on service calls and help customers and agents in real time
GPT-3, the powerful new NLP model, shows promise to enhance language automation for enterprises.

Can new machine learning model GPT-3 change AI for business?

A powerful new NLP tool is opening up language-based AI applications for the enterprise
operational risk

A new era of operational risk

Risk managers will face new challenges coming out of the pandemic
Forming AI personality with backstories

Why chatbots need personalities

Many successful AIs are relatable, not just intelligent
Building trust in AI

Dealing with AI backlash

Trust can be hard to repair when AI goes wrong
Courses for training IT professionals

Essential training for IT pros

These courses can prepare your team for new roles and new realities
Tech apprenticeships: easy way to find loyal employees

Earn and learn

Tech apprenticeships are helping companies build talent
Learn how to create a customer journey map with our proven six-step to improve customer experience.

Building a customer journey mapping program

A proven six-step process can help your organization understand, design, and improve customer experience