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Why You Must Measure Employee Experience and Customer Satisfaction

The happy enterprise

Well-crafted, measurable experiences are the future of business
Dave Wright experience ServiceNow
Editor's Letter

The age of experience

Customer and employee experience are two halves of the same coin
How AI and automation transforms the workplace

Meet your ‘machine mate’

AI can boost productivity, allowing companies to lower costs, lift profits, and provide better experiences for their employees
digital gold rush australia

A digital gold rush will be built on AI

By automating routine tasks, AI can make work easier, faster, and more meaningful
process mining

A new spark for the digital enterprise

Process mining gives business the insight to automate strategically
Dave Wright Workflow Quarterly Optimization issue
Editor's Letter

Welcome to the Optimization issue

New research shows how leading companies orchestrate people, processes, and technology to drive business success

The evolution of innovation

Innovation is more than cutting-edge tech and slick design—it’s about finding solutions to the world’s problems
We must continue to apply digital innovation from COVID-19 to build a more equitable future.

Innovation creates a more equitable future

Pandemic-inspired ideas can solve some of the bigger challenges in healthcare, employee experience, and workplace diversity and inclusion
The pandemic proved to many organizations how digital innovation can build business resilience.

Become resilient through digital innovation

Making your organization less breakable starts with asking what is most likely to break

The vaccination connection

You need a dynamic solution to manage a dynamic situation. Here’s how to speed vaccine management with the help of digital workflows.

Employee engagement dropping? Invest in a better experience

As workers juggle expanding responsibilities amid COVID, employers build a support network

The new age of innovation

How COVID is redefining the future of work

The next normal for CEOs

Now is the time for operational workflows

Welcome to the new world of work

Remote work isn’t a fleeting experiment, but rather a lasting byproduct of the pandemic

How COVID-19 offers a glimpse into the future of AI

AI enables new forms of human-machine collaboration
connected enterprise

How to build a connected enterprise

As we become more connected to the machine world, we can make the world of work, work better for people
future of IT predictions

Bold predictions for the future of IT

New technologies have set the stage for IT to morph into a people-centric function