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Carpé uncertainty

Companies that lean in during downturns tend to prosper in the long run

Automation to the rescue

Hackers are leveraging new ways of working to wreak havoc on organizations. Here’s how we can fight back.
Graphic of a crowd of people standing in the shape of a fingerprint to signify the digital value chain

Securing the digital value chain

New business models often create new vulnerabilities
Landscape view of eight professionals sitting at a long conference table having a business meeting

Executives need to listen

Companies that don't pay attention to customers and employees are missing out
Black and white side profile photo of a woman surrounded by colorful innovation survey charts and graphs

Innovation delivers on promise

New research shows that innovation drives revenue, improves products and services, and lowers costs
Man sitting down looking at his phone with message notifications floating in the foreground

Lonely but not alone

We’re more connected than ever. So why do we feel lonely?
persistently unsatisfied customer standing in the corner of a large white concrete building

The persistently unsatisfied customer

Despite adopting cutting-edge digital CX, companies still struggle to make their customers happy
rx healthcare

Rx for healthcare

New tools and technologies yield better patient experiences
change is hard

Change is hard

Tech transformation requires employee buy-in. Here’s how to earn it.
why esg matters to companies

Survey says: ESG is good for business

New research suggests companies can advance sustainability and social justice goals without sacrificing financial performance
healthcare cybersecurity

Securing hospitals against cyberattack

The healthcare industry is a soft target for nation-state and terrorist hacking groups. Waiting for the next attack is not the answer.
Investing in cybersecurity solutions ahead of the breach can be a hard sell for organizations.

Companies are playing catch-up on cybersecurity

For many organizations, investing ahead of the breach is a hard sell

Hiring the neurodiverse

Businesses in need of tech talent have overlooked a fifth of humanity
IT skills gap

Mind the (IT talent) gap

Demand for skilled tech workers far outstrips supply. To bridge this gap, many companies have started to recruit and train workers from underserved communities.
Learn how researchers are working to make AI in finance more equitable for customers.

Can AI make banking fairer?

Artificial intelligence has given disadvantaged communities greater access to financial services. Do some algorithms perpetuate inequality?
AI in human resources

Using AI to remake human resources

AI-powered hiring and promotion tools offer many benefits to companies, but also raise questions over fairness and transparency

Upgrading the production line

Optimized manufacturing pairs highly skilled workers with advanced technologies
Learn what privacy by design means and the principles of a successful implementation.

Navigating the future of data privacy

How AI and design thinking could help keep data safe
Our latest operation optimization survey reveals how global executives are automating processes.

The race to optimize business

Our latest optimization survey reveals how global executives are automating business processes and increasing productivity
enterprise AI use case

Enterprise AI and the ‘valley of death’

How companies can translate cutting-edge research into practical business tools
CHROs are turning their focus on building a resilient organizational culture.

During disruption, CHROs are resilience boosters

CHROs are building more resilient corporate cultures to weather future shocks
A scholar explains what organizations can learn from rebel groups about building resilience.

Building resilience during global crises

What armed rebel groups can teach the C-suite
Learn the top ways to get started boosting your organizational resilience.

Two ways to boost organizational resilience

Flatten hierarchies and hire specialists to make your company flexible
Organizations that use audits to evaluate their risk of disruptions are building resilience faster.

Executive tools to prevent the next disaster

Risk audits can help business leaders gauge their ability to survive future threats
As they navigate the pandemic, CROs focus on investing in tools to help mitigate data privacy risks.

Data privacy is the name of the game for CROs

The massive increase in shared data and the concurrent rise in cyber intrusions has made safeguarding customer and company data an ever more challenging job
Learn the 9 steps to implement data privacy by design into your organization.

Organizations need ‘privacy by design’

In today’s world, privacy safeguards must be baked into every process and product
CIOs are figuring out how to boost organizational resilience by filling gaps in IT infrastructure.

COVID-tested CIOs focus on resilience

The pandemic revealed gaps in business IT infrastructure that CIOs are eager to fill
CCO business resiliency focus now includes customer experience and core business functions.

CCOs champion robust CX and profits in the face of crises

Chief customer officers need to deliver great customer experiences in all environments
CEOs are now prioritizing resilience and risk management strategies

CEOs prioritizing ESG and supply chain risks

Pandemic year teaches CEOs the need for greater resilience in the face of unexpected threats
Since COVID-19, one of COOs main jobs has become risk managers.

COOs are now front-line risk managers

Their top priorities include resilience planning and ESG risk mitigation
Healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with digital experience expectations.

Healthcare labors to provide digital experiences without complexity

Medical staff and patients want digital experiences, but providers are struggling to keep up with their expectations
To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk.

Digital transformation increases vulnerability to cyberattack

To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk
Focusing on digitization of business processes can promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

How digitization can foster an inclusive workplace

Focusing on digital employee experience can promote diversity and inclusion, new research shows
Xerox embraces workforce development with augmented reality.

Facing a challenge, Xerox embraces augmented reality

As its most experienced field techs retire, the company is training the next generation

Study: Chief customer officers value experience management

However, they must overcome some key challenges to fully realize the benefits of digital CX and EX
CHROs are more skeptical about investing in a total digital experience compared to their peers.

Study: CHROs cautious about investing in digital experience

Compared to their C-suite peers, talent leaders are more skeptical about investing in both CX and EX
Companies investing in total digital experience stand to make more progress than those that don’t.

Study: COOs prioritize both customer and employee experience

They are less likely to see external benefits, compared to C-suite peers
A new study showed that CIOs value a total digital experience for both employees and customers.

Study: CIOs bullish on total experience

New research shows CIOs value holistic digital experiences for employees and customers
A new study shows CEOs are prioritizing digital employee experience investments.

Study: CEOs are prioritizing digital employee experiences

New study shows chief executives see less value in digital CX investments

Knowledge 2021 sessions CCOs won’t want to miss


Knowledge 2021 sessions CHROs won’t want to miss


Knowledge 2021 sessions COOs won’t want to miss


Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss


Knowledge 2021 sessions CEOs won’t want to miss

CIOs believe workflow automation technology rallied shares and business growth during the pandemic.

CIOs bullish on agile enterprise platforms

Business leaders expect workflow automation technology to rally shares and growth in spite of pandemic
Possible wrinkle: Three of these cover related topic (racism/divsity in workplace). Might try to do it as one piece but more substantial and tie together the different talks.

CCOs optimistic about growing business agility

But business leaders worry whether customers will remain a focus as C-suite looks to boost business agility
Businesses that invested in digital platforms are reporting higher customer satisfaction & profits.

Agile digital platforms will boost revenues, say CxOs

200 global business leaders surveyed expect technology that integrates workflows and people to rally shares and growth in spite of pandemic
CEOs invested in workflow automation to boost agility. Do they have the people to support it?

CEOs ramped up tech investments to boost agility

But leaders worry if they have the vision, leadership, and talent to build agile organizations
Leaders say talent acquisition and development is a primary barrier to improving business agility.

Talent acquisition a barrier to boosting business agility, CHROs say

One year into the pandemic, talent tops executives’ concerns, but CHROs have asserted limited responsibility
COOs are now more likely than peers to invest in digital technology that improves business agility.

COOs turn their focus to workflow automation

During the pandemic, COOs were slower than other executives to reconfigure people, processes, and digital technology
business resilience

The return on business resilience

COVID showed the best-laid corporate contingency plans aren’t good enough
CHRO's investing in digital platforms see a boost in satisfaction, communication, and business growth.

Agile digital platforms boost employee engagement, CHROs say

Technology that integrates workflows and people will boost growth, talent execs believe
CIO’s believe their digital innovation initiatives boosted business agility, but peers do not agree.

Did CIOs’ digital innovations boost business agility?

CIOs plan to increase investment in digital platforms, integration, risk management
To avoid stagnant business performance, COO responsibilities must continue to drive business agility

COOs are emerging leaders in advancing business agility

Responsibilities are growing as pandemic continues and COOs see business performance stagnate
Over the next few years, CCOs must branch out beyond customer care to drive business agility.

CCOs’ focus on customer care improved agility

Going forward they plan to apply customer insights across the enterprise