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The letters "ESG" against a dark background with a spotlight on "G" for governance

Without governance, there is no ESG

The last letter in the business world’s hottest abbreviation should come first for companies focused on delivering results

Equity in the workplace begins with equity at home

Hard-won lessons from a CFO who is challenging conventions and living her dream
Editor's Letter

Reframing ESG

Well-governed companies build trust by measuring their impact on the world

Why resilience matters

In a world where disruption occurs suddenly and cascades unpredictably, companies need resilience more than ever
Executives should prioritize agile leadership strategies to drive greater business growth.

Why agile leadership should be your top priority

Getting to ‘yes’ faster is good. Getting to it smarter through agility is the difference-maker.
hybrid workplace

The future of work is hybrid

I used to think in-person collaboration drove productivity. The pandemic changed my mind.

I’m a CFO. Here’s how to sell me on digital transformation.