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Fast-tracking your ESG strategy is a 2021 financial and strategic imperative for businesses.

Why it’s time to fast-track your ESG strategy

Setting sustainability and governance goals is no longer a feel-good exercise—it’s a financial and strategic imperative

How CX will change how telecoms do business

Putting the focus on customer satisfaction — not just faster network services

Merging EX and CX can drive growth

5 strategies to build an experience-driven organization

CIOs and the post-pandemic employee experience

Digitizing employee experiences is key, but so is earning executive-peer buy in, a new survey shows

CEOs lag in digital EX—but the onus is on the C-suite

CHROs and other execs need to better communicate EX priorities—and big-time results

Customer experience is the next frontier in telecom

Carriers invested heavily to upgrade network services. Now they’re building new digital experiences to keep customers happy

Low-code apps hold big promise for CHROs, but they need to plan carefully

As more employees start to become citizen developers, CHROs need to set up the right internal protocols for effective rollouts

CX by the numbers

The business case for serving customers digitally
Digital states survey report from the center for digital government

State IT leads the way

A look at the best and brightest state-government led tech projects
Interview with Microsoft's AI Chatbot Guru Lili Cheng

In chatbots she trusts

An interview with Microsoft AI leader Lili Cheng
enterprise AI statistics

AI by the numbers

Artificial intelligence is moving to the center of corporate strategy
CHRO infographic

Digital transformation comes to HR

How CHROs are reinventing the employee experience
Combining agile and DevOps

A methodological marriage

Companies can benefit by combining agile and DevOps
gender gap in tech

Closing tech’s gender gap

interview with accenture CIO andrew wilson

People before systems

A conversation with Accenture CIO Andrew Wilson
Cynthia Patterson, Fonterra’s general manager of technology services

Taming the security beast

Better visibility into your attack surface helps keep hackers at bay
Measuring impact of AI on HR

Employee UX takes center stage

How companies can put emerging technologies to work for their people
AI high-performance collaboration team

Want a high-performing team? Add AI

Intelligent software can keep teams on track and foster better communication
human AI work together

Motivation in the age of AI

Bestselling author Daniel Pink explains how people and machines can work better together
Adopting AI strategy

Developing an AI strategy: 7 essential ideas

How to answer the toughest question in business today
Employees using voice recognition at home versus at work

Meet your new assistant

Voice controlled digital assistants are coming to the workplace
Artificial intelligence increases productivity of labor

How AI makes work better

Increasingly, knowledge work requires a blend of human and artificial intelligence. How will your organization meet this challenge?