How ServiceNow improved its employee experience

Three steps to creating a digital, personalized, and omni-channel experience

The recent pandemic has forever cemented the shifts in the employee experience. Most offices have transitioned to work from home since March, 2020, and returning to the workplace remains a distant prospect—if it happens at all. Companies have to innovate to support a distributed workplace.

In this case article, we highlight three ways in which ServiceNow has created and improved a unified employee portal across the company. As its own Customer Zero, or the first product adopter, ServiceNow approaches the experience from the employee perspective and taps into the Now Platform® to offer individually tailored solutions powered by machine learning and digital workflows.

Here are the three ways:


IT, HR, workplace services, finance…while these service needs are common and familiar to all employees, knowing where to get help is not always straightforward. Many companies have their own processes that involve multiple departments and systems. Some of the most crucial moments in an employee’s journey, like onboarding and returning from a leave of absence, can also be the most time-consuming and complicated.

ServiceNow delivers a simplified one-stop service portal to employees while allowing departmental service teams to maintain control and autonomy over their service delivery systems. Many tasks are now completed by self- service, while others take place behind the curtain—or the Now Platform. As of July, ServiceNow gained $7 million in productivity through self-service—and is still counting.

Curated choices

When we started on our journey toward a unified employee portal, we found more than 75 hyperlinks to separate resources. Many employees reported feeling overwhelmed.

Now we use machine learning to personalize each employee’s choices based on their need and persona. Three out of four employees access the portal at least once a month, with 70.8% of all issues being solved automatically or through self-service.

Multiple access points

More than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) are Millennials, according to Pew Research. For a generation that shops, finds partners, and applies for mortgages on the phone, it’s only natural that more work will be done on mobile devices.

ServiceNow meets the workers where they are comfortable—whether it’s through desktop solutions or our Now Mobile app. About 40% of ServiceNow employees access the portal monthly on their mobile phones. Multiple access points has also means fewer employees turn to email, Slack, and phone calls.

A great employee experience from day one

Starting a new job can feel like an obstacle course of cumbersome tasks when the company should be focusing on making a great impression. Is it a surprise that ineffective onboarding is a major factor in losing up to one out of five new hires within the first three months?

Retaining the best talent is paramount to a company’s success, and requires making the employee experience as frictionless as possible, starting from Day 1. The last thing any employee can afford is wasting time and struggling with unnecessary work. Smart companies are consumerizing the onboarding, ramp up and employment experiences—so that workers can breeze through tasks quickly and easily. The last thing they can afford is wasting time while struggling with unnecessary work. By creating a personalized and omni-channel digital experience, we have enabled our talent to work from anywhere, but also be productive.

As we navigate these uncharted territories during and after this pandemic, companies will need to evolve quickly. Nimble workplaces offering that offer an employee experience that is digital, frictionless, and focused will have the most success attracting and retaining top talent. And people are the the secret to any company’s growth.