How do 600 different organizations adopt a digital enterprise platform?

CEOs, CIOs, and CHROs report on their priorities and paths to digitization and integration

Organizations around the world are expected to accelerate the rate of adoption of digital enterprise platforms, as well as all the possibilities they enable, according to a survey of 600 C-suite executives by ESI ThoughtLab and ServiceNow.

Almost 30% of business leaders surveyed say they’ve largely implemented a digital enterprise platform, but 64% expect to be at that advanced stage within the next three years.

Over that period, executives expect progress in other areas too:

  • The number of organizations that will align their business models with a new digital platform will more than double.
  • Businesses that can personalize their customer experience due to a platform is also expected to double.
  • Two out of every three organizations expect to implement a cloud-based open platform design to accelerate collaboration and integration.
  • The number of organizations that will integrate data on a platform, permitting cross-department access, will more than triple.

However, different executives leaders have different priorities for how to achieve those outcomes.

For instance, CEOs prioritize digitizing and integrating quality control far above most other parts of their business.

Other executives agree, but they name more top priorities. CIOs surveyed also rated their top priorities for the next three years as manufacturing and production, customer service management, employee engagement, finance, and strategic planning and IT service management. Similarly, CHROs say their top choices for digitizing in the long term are manufacturing, research and development, finance, product design, customer service, operations management, IT service management, sales, and employee engagement.

To that end, CEOs most expect to integrate Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems. CIOs and CHROs are also looking at Human Capital Management Systems (HCMS) and Integrated Financial Management Systems (IFMS).

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