CIOs are figuring out how to boost organizational resilience by filling gaps in IT infrastructure.

COVID-tested CIOs focus on resilience

The pandemic revealed gaps in business IT infrastructure that CIOs are eager to fill
Workflow Quarterly Resilience Issue

Workflow Quarterly

The Resilience Issue

How your business can adapt and thrive in times of crisis


How resilient is your organization?

Rank your progress against 1,080 other C-suite leaders

A new study showed that CIOs value a total digital experience for both employees and customers.


Study: CIOs bullish on total experience

New research shows CIOs value holistic digital experiences for employees and customers
Focusing on digitization of business processes can promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace.


How digitization can foster an inclusive workplace

Focusing on digital employee experience can promote diversity and inclusion, new research shows
Healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with digital experience expectations.


Healthcare labors to provide digital experiences without complexity

Medical staff and patients want digital experiences, but providers are struggling to keep up with their expectations
Learn the 9 steps to implement data privacy by design into your organization.


Organizations need ‘privacy by design’

In today’s world, privacy safeguards must be baked into every process and product
Citizen developers can help drive innovation and productivity by creating low-code platforms.


Democratizing code

Low-code tools empower citizen developers and enable innovation at scale
Digital workflows are enabling more connections between customer and employee experience, creating experience management.


The case for merging customer and employee experience

Treating CX and EX as a unified discipline offers advantages to companies who excel at both
To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk.


Digital transformation increases vulnerability to cyberattack

To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk


Is your business built resilient?

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digital personal assistants


From chatbots to digital personal assistants

DPAs will transform organizations, freeing employees from time-consuming admin work
Learn how pandemic-fueled investments have transformed public sector IT.


How the pandemic transformed public sector IT

A conversation with ServiceNow’s Bob Osborn