Since COVID-19, one of COOs main jobs has become risk managers.

COOs are now front-line risk managers

Their top priorities include resilience planning and ESG risk mitigation
Workflow Quarterly Resilience Issue

Workflow Quarterly

The Resilience Issue

How your business can adapt and thrive in times of crisis


How resilient is your organization?

Rank your progress against 1,080 other C-suite leaders

operational risk


A new era of operational risk

Risk managers will face new challenges coming out of the pandemic
Companies investing in total digital experience stand to make more progress than those that don’t.


Study: COOs prioritize both customer and employee experience

They are less likely to see external benefits, compared to C-suite peers
Focusing on digitization of business processes can promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace.


How digitization can foster an inclusive workplace

Focusing on digital employee experience can promote diversity and inclusion, new research shows


Operational resilience is the new C-suite KPI

The next crisis is coming. Here’s how to make sure your organization is prepared


Are you an innovation leader?

Take the self-assessment to see how your organization stacks up
Does AI and process automation truly pose a threat to job growth?


Automation and the ‘winner take most’ effect

A conversation with author and researcher Erik Brynjolfsson
Healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with digital experience expectations.


Healthcare labors to provide digital experiences without complexity

Medical staff and patients want digital experiences, but providers are struggling to keep up with their expectations
To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk.


Digital transformation increases vulnerability to cyberattack

To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk
Businesses investing heavily in AI and automation show positive results in job and sales growth.


Return on AI

Companies that invest heavily in AI and automation are seeding job and market growth