How advanced is your digital customer experience?

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digital customer experience survey

A great company experience is increasingly a digital experience: How easy is it to complete a purchase or a return, get a question answered, or be onboarded as a new employee?

Companies that excel at providing great customer experiences tend to do well at providing great employee experiences, too, and vice versa. Customer and employee experience are related, if not intertwined, according to a new global survey from ThoughtLab and ServiceNow.

How do your company’s digital experiences stack up? Scroll down to begin a self-assessment, and see how your company ranks with 1,000 others worldwide.


In which of the following areas of customer experience has your organization made significant progress? (Select all that apply.)

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You're a beginner

How all organizations rank

There’s work ahead, but don’t be anxious. You’re among the 30% of survey respondents who rank as beginners (59% are intermediates, while 11% are leaders).

Perhaps your organization has struggled to prioritize digital customer experiences with recent disruptions, notably the pandemic. You’re not alone, but you should know that many of your peers see the value of great CX and are making the necessary investments. (According to the survey, service delivery/returns and issue identification/resolution are the two areas of CX that will advance the fastest during the next two years.) Still others are taking the next stop to marry CX and EX strategies that boost revenue or sales for 6 in 10 organizations.

So keep at it! Every company—leaders included—face challenges in achieving their CX and EX goals. Top of the list? Overcoming employee resistance to change.

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You’re well on your way! You’re among the majority (59%) of survey respondents who rank as intermediate when it comes to transforming experience (30% are beginners, while 11% are leaders).

You’ve made progress in digitizing CX, but there’s work to do. Perhaps your organization has struggled to attract customer service talent or to invest in advanced technologies such as AI to improve digital experiences. There are many priorities—and challenges—for intermediate organizations to juggle. Looking ahead, the survey predicts that service delivery/returns and issue identification/resolution will advance the fastest during the next two years.

But stay the course—and consider that leading organizations today intertwine their CX and EX strategies, recognizing success with one often leads to success with the other.

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Congratulations! You’re among the 11% of survey respondents who rank as leaders (30% are beginners, while 59% are intermediates).

CX-leading organizations invest more heavily in digital technologies such as data warehouses, AI/machine learning, and cybersecurity solutions compared to their peers. And they’re also more likely to reap the benefits of combining the disciplines of CX and EX. The next area of CX investment focus, according to the survey, will be in service delivery/returns and issue identification/resolution.

“We’re in a new world where digital experience is a true value driver, if companies get it right,” says ThoughtLab founder Lou Celi.