Making technology augment customer experiences

Great customer service is not complicated. ServiceNow Chief Innovation Officer Dave Wright explains the elements that make an amazing help desk.


So, we all know customer experience is everything today. And that’s true whether you’re a healthcare leader, a telco exec, or even Santa Claus himself. But building that amazing experience—it doesn’t have to be as complicated as everyone makes it seem.

There’s one large enterprise that really got it right.

Before they moved to ServiceNow, they had a support process with 12 different help desks, and no way to distinguish between customer feedback and customer inquiries. What’s worse, help desk agents had no insight into everything that had happened to that customer in the past.

With ServiceNow Customer Workflows, that company simplified and consolidated. It moved to one process, on one platform. And now everything’s unified—so agents know what’s happened and what’s happening.

And with ServiceNow’s AI capabilities, customers can self-serve while the platform routes only the most complex tickets to live help desk agents.

And the results, well, they’re incredible. Case volumes are down 90%. Response times, a full 75%.

So, yeah, building a great, connected customer experience can be difficult, but it’s not with ServiceNow.

And that’s transformation done Wright.