Meet your AI work buddy

Researcher Nicolas Chapados explains how recent AI breakthroughs could change organizations forever
ServiceNow's Nicolas Chapados

Mapping the hybrid employee journey

A tool from pre-pandemic times can help create a culture and employee experience to meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce

Are you cultivating an innovation culture?

Benchmark your organization against 1,000 C-suite leaders worldwide
Landscape view of eight professionals sitting at a long conference table having a business meeting

Executives need to listen

Companies that don't pay attention to customers and employees are missing out
Headshot of ServiceNow's Cat Lang wearing a white blouse and black blazer with moon and star embroidery against a white background

How to build a learning culture

A conversation with ServiceNow’s Cat Lang
A female professional wearing a lilac shirt and learning on the job with an iPad and laptop with a colleague in the foreground

Learning on the job

Knowledge workers need continuous learning to maximize their productivity
Graphic design image of four colleagues standing in web browsers next each other having face to face interactions

​​The new rules of employee face-to-face time

In a hybrid world, it doesn’t matter who’s in the office the most. But how can you develop your team remotely?
Man sitting down looking at his phone with message notifications floating in the foreground

Lonely but not alone

We’re more connected than ever. So why do we feel lonely?
change is hard

Change is hard

Tech transformation requires employee buy-in. Here’s how to earn it.
Why You Must Measure Employee Experience and Customer Satisfaction

The happy enterprise

Well-crafted, measurable experiences are the future of business
How artificial intelligence tools promote diversity

Working through divisions

AI tools can help leaders engage employees with empathy
The ideal employee experience after a digital transformation

Share me the details

Hyper-personalised experiences blur the line between employee and customer
How employee experience grows from customer experience

CX and EX are one

Leading companies merge customer and employee experiences to thrive