Work will never be the same

Steve Cadigan, former LinkedIn CHRO, says COVID changed the dynamic between employer and employee forever
Learn how to create work policies that work for everyone in the new world of work.
Success stories from organizations that have adapted to a fast-changing digital business landscape.


Lessons from indomitable women

Iconic women leaders describe how they overcame challenges ranging from civil war to gender bias and pandemic stress
Learn key facts and numbers that size up low-code software development demand, adoption, and growth.


Low code by the numbers

The state of low code demand, adoption, and growth
Companies need thoughtful solutions to reduce the impact of hybrid work on gender inequality


The impact of hybrid work on gender equality

Remote work challenges can impact women disproportionately. Companies need thoughtful solutions.


Winning hearts and minds is key to the success of flexible working

Businesses—and employees—must now realise that there's no going back
With advanced hard and soft skills in short supply, companies are looking for ways to staff smart factories.


Wanted: Digital skills for smart factories

With digital skills in short supply, companies are looking for innovative ways to staff the factories of the future


Revealing the secret sauce to employee satisfaction


The new world of work

Dave Wright on innovation done right
Fast-tracking your ESG strategy is a 2021 financial and strategic imperative for businesses.


Why it’s time to fast-track your ESG strategy

Setting sustainability and governance goals is no longer a feel-good exercise—it’s a financial and strategic imperative
Focusing on digitization of business processes can promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace.


How digitization can foster an inclusive workplace

Focusing on digital employee experience can promote diversity and inclusion, new research shows
Grit, a combo of passion & perseverance, is a key trait of successful business leaders.


You say resilience. She says grit.

Author Angela Duckworth explains a key quality of successful business leaders
How workflows are paving the way to better work-life balance in Australia.

Analyst Report

The workflow revolution

How Aussies live and work now
digital delegation australia


Goodbye to all that

Digital workflows will flatten hierarchies and automate routine tasks