The office is back, but you may not recognize it

Employers are bringing in architects to create spaces that reflect the way of work in a post-pandemic world.
Animated depiction of a modern hybrid office design, including floating desks and chairs, plants, and cubicles

Unlock the Middle East’s potential for women in tech

Iliana Montauk on what Western companies gain by scouting and hiring farther afield.

Finding talent close to home

Companies unable to fill tech roles need to help their existing employees get things done, learn new skills, and grow into new roles.

Skills intelligence systems are the future

New technology pinpoints employee skills to help execs form better teams and drive business success

​​Insights to help HR leaders navigate uncertainty in 2023

Tumultuous times provide a unique opportunity to make work better for people. Here's how to seize it.
Four miniature construction worker figurines placed on top of a calendar

Welcome to the (shorter) working week

The 4-day workweek is gaining traction, though it’s not for everyone
Graphic design image representing the hybrid work model for three industries: healthcare, manufacturing, and retail

Even jobs that require in-person work are going hybrid—albeit slowly

Manufacturing, retail, and healthcare are among the industries where adoption of hybrid work models has been slowest. That won’t be true forever.
Headshot of ServiceNow's Nicolas Chapados, who is responsible for multiple AI breakthroughs

Meet your AI work buddy

Researcher Nicolas Chapados explains how recent AI breakthroughs could change organizations forever
Graphic of a male employee on a computer screen next to a green outline of the steps included in employee journey mapping

Mapping the hybrid employee journey

A tool from pre-pandemic times can help create a culture and employee experience to meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce
Graphic of three trees progressively growing in size as an example of innovation culture

Are you growing an innovation culture?

Benchmark your organization against 1,000 C-suite leaders worldwide
Landscape view of eight professionals sitting at a long conference table having a business meeting

Executives need to listen

Companies that don't pay attention to customers and employees are missing out
Headshot of ServiceNow's Cat Lang wearing a white blouse and black blazer with moon and star embroidery against a white background

How to build a learning culture

A conversation with ServiceNow’s Cat Lang
A female professional wearing a lilac shirt and learning on the job with an iPad and laptop with a colleague in the foreground

Learning on the job

Knowledge workers need continuous learning to maximize their productivity